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TechNN Archive: Saturday, August 11, 2012


Computer Industry
  • "IBM Interested in RIM Enterprise Services" Social Barrel 6:39 AM
  • "IBM wants RIM's crown jewel: its enterprise business, Report says: Acquisition could proVide a boost to IBM mobile business, but analysts are skeptical" Computerworld 6:33 AM
  • "Reports: IBM considering acquisition of RIM enterprise services?" Computerworld UK 7:27 AM
  • "Report of IBM interest gives RIM stock a shot in the arm" Vancouver Sun 7:26 AM
  • "H-P's malaise signals a wrong turn in the Valley: Commentary: If Meg can't save it, the entire Silicon Valley is at risk" MarketWatch 7:21 AM
  • "Don't price Surface at $199, pleads Acer: Acer wants Microsoft to create a price gap that PC makers can drive a truck through." CNET News 5:54 PM
  • "Microsoft Responds to Windows 8 Hate From Game Devs" Tom's Hardware 7:29 AM
  • "[Rumor]Lenovo Prepping a Laptop/Tablet Hybrid Device Based on Winows RT" Windows 8 Beta 12:30 PM
  • "Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Plans to Keep Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) Stake for Long Term; Plans to Combat Google – MSFT, ADBE, IBM, ORCL" eStocks Daily 7:27 AM
  • "ARMed for battle: British company ARM claims it's a few generations ahead of Intel. We find out more about their new designs" Postnoon 7:23 AM
  • "Lenovo announces ThinkPad Tablet 2 with Windows 8 and Intel Atom" 7:28 AM
  • "Intel is Working on Ultrabooks That Could Wirelessly Charge Your Smartphone" Complex Tech 8:40 PM
  • "AMD's Radeon HD 7850 1GB is without competition in its price range" Decrypted Tech 8:38 PM
  • "Solid Q4 expected from Cisco: Wall Street upbeat on results, outlook for rest of 2012" Network World 8:39 PM
  • "How Big Data Became So Big" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 8:40 PM
  • "IBM Said To Eye RIM Services Unit: Possible deal would see IBM add struggling smartphone vendor's network operations to outsourcing portfolio." InformationWeek 8/10
  • "IBM sniffs RIM, winks at BlackBerry big biz unit: IBM is reportedly interested in snapping up the enterprise services division of troubled BlackBerry-maker Research in Motion." The Register 8/10
  • "IBM considering purchase of RIM's enterprise business" V3 8/10
  • "IBM Eyes RIM's Enterprise Business: Report" CNBC 8/10
  • "RIM Said To Draw Interest From IBM On Enterprise Services" Bloomberg 8/10
  • "Report: IBM Eyeing RIM's Enterprise Business" PC Magazine 8/10
  • "Lenovo Claims Leadership In Commercial Notebooks On ThinkPad's 20th Anniversary" Forbes 8/10
  • "Lenovo Celebrates ThinkPad 20th, Releases Windows 8 Tablet" BYTE 8/10
  • "Lenovo reportedly developing convertible Windows RT tablet" CNET News 8/10
  • "Cash Dividend On The Way From Microsoft" Forbes 8/10
  • "Microsoft working to minimize Surface impact, says Acer chairman" DigiTimes 8/10
  • "Why did Microsoft kill Metro? Microsoft and its partners can no longer legally use the term Metro in Windows 8, but why the change, and why now?" CNET News 8/10
  • "Microsoft replaces 'Metro' with 'Windows 8' and 'Modern' labels" Computerworld 8/10
  • "Microsoft's new Windows 8 design branding may just be... Windows 8" VentureBeat [Free Registration Required] 8/10
  • "Not all apps that run on Windows 8 are Windows 8 apps. Got it?" ZDNet 8/10
  • "Office Web Apps: First Take" ZDNet 8/10
  • "Microsoft readying five critical fixes for Patch Tuesday" V3 8/10
  • "Patch Tuesday: Microsoft to fix five critical security flaws" ZDNet 8/10
  • "New Xbox Could Launch In 18 Months" Forbes 8/10
  • "HP counts cost of ill-fated acquisitions" Financial Times [Paid Membership Required] 8/10
  • "Oracle is 'taking good care of Java post-Sun'" ZDNet 8/10
  • "Intel, Chinese orgs set up China Open Source Cloud League" ZDNet 8/10
  • "Cisco Systems Fourth Quarter Earnings Preview" Investopedia 8/10
  • "Forbes Earnings Preview: Cisco Systems" Forbes 8/10
  • "Physicists Foretell Quantum Internet With Entangled Photon Router" Wired Magazine 8/10
  • "Open-source project to get gadgets talking via the net: More than 5,400 developers have downloaded a new open-source operating system designed to enable digital devices to communicate with each other." BBC 8/10
  • "PC price cuts expected in Europe amid shipments slump: Gartner says PC spending has stalled due to economic uncertainty" Techworld 8/10
General Interest
  • "Google calls Search Plus Your World 'a learning experience' as it works to tweak formula" The Verge 8:05 PM
  • "Mitt's VP App Unsurprisingly Fails At Its One Simple Job" Gizmodo 6:57 PM
  • "Can alcohol make tech companies more creative? A recent study suggests that though alcohol might impair one's focus a little, it might do wonders for one's creative juices." CNET News 5:55 PM
  • "Researchers make unsuitable parts work as solar cells, could lead to cheaper panels" Engadget 2:50 PM
  • "Pentagon Designing Robotic AlphaDogs, Cheetahs and Creepy Worms for Reconnaissance Missions" Patent Bolt 9:33 AM
  • "Google changes its search formula to address piracy: Google's new search formula penalizes sites that have drawn many copyright complaints." Los Angeles Times [Free Registration Required] 7:23 AM
  • "Google Earth helps locate 'lost' Egyptian Pyramid" ANI 7:22 AM
  • "Gauss Malware Poses Threat to Various Computers" Social Barrel 6:58 AM
  • "Researchers propose à la carte internet services, overhaul for web infrastructure" Engadget 6:49 AM
  • "Blizzard Entertainment's Gaming Service Hacked" Social Barrel 6:40 AM
  • "Facebook will Undertake Privacy Checks for 2 Decades – FTC" Social Barrel 6:43 AM
  • "Audi R8 e-tron to feature digital AMOLED rear-view mirror" Engadget 6:45 AM
  • "RIM: Layoffs Are Ongoing, Will Not Affect BB10" TechCrunch 8/10
  • "RIM to lay off 3,000 employees starting next week" BGR 8/10
  • "Exovolt stackable battery creates unlimited capacity: Billed as the first of its kind, Exovolt lets you build a tower of power for gadgets on the go." CNET News 8/10
  • "Olé, Olé: Google's Soccer Doodle" TheStreet 8/10
  • "Google adds Now-style quick answers to mobile web results" ZDNet 8/10
  • "New Technology Means You'll Never Run Another Yellow Light" Wired 8/10
  • "Soft robot inches along like a worm" TG Daily 8/10
  • "How to Detect Apps Leaking Your Data: A service called Mobilescope acts as a watchdog, alerting users when apps copy and transmit sensitive information." Technology Review 8/10
  • "Geek girls unite with games, comics, Buffy" Reuters 8/10
  • "Kinect 2 image leaked, shows increased detail and depth data" The Verge 8/10
  • "New algorithm said to scrub nets for threats" EE Times 8/10
  • "Samsung readies Exynos 5 Dual chip for tablets" V3 8/10
  • "Samsung's ARM-powered Exynos 5250 is a next-gen mobile dream" TG Daily 8/10
  • "Samsung details next-gen Exynos processor for smartphones and tablets" IDG News Service 8/10
  • "Facebook's campus is getting a razor-sharp perk: A barbershop" Los Angeles Times [Paid Membership Required] 8/10
  • "Call it Zucker Burg: Facebook campus gets its own Main Street/New Facebook campus in Menlo Park is out in the boondocks, so the company is building its own Main Street to cater to employees and attract bright Silicon Valley minds." Los Angeles Times [Free Registration Required] 8/10
  • "Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer attempting to recruit Twitter executive, report says" CBS News 8/10
  • "Spam sticking to Pinterest: Website shuts accounts in move to curb problem" Boston Herald 8/10
  • "Blizzard hack attack hits millions" BBC 8/10
  • "Blizzard Security Breached, Passwords Accessed" InformationWeek 8/10
  • "SAP's Chen Challenges Oracle, IBM With Database Advances" Bloomberg 8/10
  • "Rackspace CEO Bets the Farm on 'Open Cloud'" TheStreet 8/10
  • "Meet Gauss, the Latest Weapon in the Unfolding U.S.-Israeli Cyberwar" AllThingsD 8/10
  • "Gauss: Researchers release detection tools" Washington Post [Free Registration Required] 8/10
Press Releases
  • "Advanced Micro Devices and Texas Instruments on the Upswing as Semiconductor Outlook Brightens" Marketwire 8/10
  • "HMEL Adopts IBM's Analytics Solution to Improve Plant Performance and Operational Efficiency" PRNewswire 8/10
  • "Windows 8: Microsoft Shelves 'Metro' For 'Modern'" Social Barrel 3:06 PM
  • "Microsoft Addresses Criticisms to Windows 8 Gaming" Social Barrel 6:58 PM
  • "Microsoft Claims Windows 8 Built For Gaming, As Long As It Is Xbox Live Gaming" Decrypted Tech 10:15 AM
  • "Why Acer is wrong about Microsoft Surface: Acer's CEO tells Microsoft to 'think twice' about building tablets because it's 'not something you are good at'" Computerworld 6:36 AM
  • "Microsoft Not Planning To Sell Its Facebook Shares When The Lock Up Period Ends Next Week" Business Insider 8/10
  • "Python For Microsoft Excel Company IronSpread Comes Out of Beta, Changes Name To DataNitro" TechCrunch 8/10
  • "Animate Household Objects With Microsoft's KinEtre" PC Magazine 8/10
  • "This Guy's Microsoft Blog Will Be Seen As A Death Warrant By Advertisers" Business Insider 8/10
  • "Tampa Educators, Students to Benefit From New Microsoft Digital Education Initiative With City, Hillsborough County Public Schools" PRNewswire 8/10
  • "Where Microsoft geeks go to 'Do epic $#!+'" CNNMoney 8/10
  • "Bitcoinica users sue for $460k in lost Bitcoins: A complaint filed in SF accuses the trading platform of breach of contract." Ars Technica 9:15 PM
  • "Letting Companies Settle While Denying Guilt Reconsidered by F.T.C." New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 8/10
  • "Porn copyright troll sues AT&T and Comcast, says they side with pirates" Ars Technica 8/10
  • "Google obliterates remaining Aussie Street View payload data" ZDNet 8/10
  • "FTC Confirms Facebook Privacy Settlement, Sans Fines" InformationWeek 8/10
  • "FTC settles Facebook privacy complaint sans Google-like fine" CNET News 8/10
  • "Scottish community broadband gets a £5m boost" ZDNet 8/10
  • "Scotland adds £5m to broadband rollout pot" V3 8/10
  • "Remote Scottish communities to benefit from £5m broadband fund" Techworld 8/10
  • "Dotcom in prang as 'over the top' raid scrutinised" Fairfax NZ News 8/10
  • "Reveton ransomware poses as FBI to extort money from web users" V3 8/10
  • "FBI issues ransom malware warning after being 'inundated' by victims: After hitting UK, 'Reveton' on rampage in US" Techworld 8/10
  • "US warning: Big uptick in Reveton malware impersonating the FBI" Network World 8/10
  • "Google FTC Fine Illustrates Mixed-Up Priorities of US Watchdog Agencies" PCWorld 8/10
  • "NASA about to perform the ultimate software upgrade . . . on Mars" Houston Chronicle 8/10
  • "Chinese authorities find no underage workers at Samsung supplier" IDG News Service 8/10
  • "CIA Investment Group Backs SiOnyx 'Black Silicon' Imaging: CIA firm invests in black silicon semiconductors, which enhance sensitivity of low-light, infrared imaging systems in defense, security systems." InformationWeek 8/10
  • "Is it OK to replace optimized code with readable code? Weighing the opportunity cost of making improvements." Ars Technica 1:41 PM
  • "Google Now Is Watching You: The new OS feature Google Now is practical now, but will it become overly invasive?" PC Magazine 8/10
  • "10 Tips for Gmail and Google Calendar: From remote calendar access to auto-declining appointments, here are 10 tips and tricks that will keep you focused, organized and productive." CIO 8/10
  • "Motorola's mystery phone is a big letdown" CNET 8/10
  • "Samsung, Amazon may be testing limits of phones, tablets" MarketWatch 8/10
  • "The week in tech: 5 must-know things" USA Today 8/10
  • "Blizzard hacked: What you should do" VentureBeat [Free Registration Required] 8/10
  • "Blizzard Hack: A Security Guide For Users" PCWorld 8/10
  • "Is Your Computer Infected With Gauss Malware?" PC Magazine 8/10
  • "Mind the gaps: 3 missing pieces in cloud computing" InfoWorld 8/10
  • "Meet the free alternatives to Photoshop, Acrobat and AutoCAD" The Globe and Mail [Free Registration Required] 8/10
  • "BYOD Improves Productivity, but Security Still a Concern: Trend Micro" eWeek 8/10
  • "No medals at Olympics for 3-D TV, Ultra HDTV" EE Times 8/10
  • "Best Google Nexus 7 Apps: 16 Free Downloads for Your Android Tablet" PCWorld 8/10
  • "It's Nice to See Google Focused On Search Again" Techland 8/10
  • "Back-To-School: How To Become A Google Intern" TechCrunch 8/10
  • "The 6 companies Google has bought in 2012 (so far): Google has been bolstering its technology by buying out other companies; here are six the search giant has bought this year" Network World 8/10
  • "10 tips & tricks for Google Calendar and Gmail" CIO 8/10
  • "Chrome improves Flash sandboxing for Windows: 20 percent fewer crashes" CNET News 8/10
  • "Samsung tablet sales: Teeny tiny next to iPad" CNET News 8/10
  • "US video game sales drop for 8th straight month" Associated Press [Free Registration Required] 8/10
  • "Gaming industry suffers tough July as hardware, software slumps" CNET News 8/10
  • "The Morning Download: Windows 8 Tablet Reflects Microsoft Evolution" WSJ Blogs 8/10
  • "It's a Bull Market for Tech Patents" [Video Report] CNBC 8/10
  • "Yahoo! May Become 'Google Junior'" TheStreet 8/10
  • "RIM looks to sell NewBay, other assets: source" Reuters 6:52 AM
  • "Ebay Bets On Same-Day Delivery To Compete With Amazon" Forbes 8/10
  • "Dangerous is a Console-Quality iOS Game: Dangerous is an impressive space adventure that gives other iOS titles a run for their money, and it would feel right at home on a PC." 148Apps 8/10
  • "RIM: An IBM Deal Would Be Logical, Says William Blair" Barron's 8/10
  • "RIM surrounded by rumours but IBM and Samsung unlikely buyers" V3 8/10
  • "Freescale closes French fab" EE Times 8/10
  • "Zynga Said To Give Stock To Keep Staff After Earnings Miss" Bloomberg 8/10
  • "Leap Jumping At Sale Is Seen As Best Option: Real M&A" Bloomberg 8/10
  • "Foxconn to Resubmit Its Plan to Buy Sharp Stake to Taiwanese Regulators" IDG News Service 8/10
  • "Sharp Says It's In Talks With Foxconn On March Investment" Bloomberg 8/10
  • "Hon Hai, Sharp say tie-up talks ongoing, statement at later date" Reuters 8/10
  • "Exclusive: Loeb backs Yahoo's Alibaba cash move - source" Reuters 8/10
  • "Yahoo reconsiders $5bn Alibaba payout" Financial Times [Paid Membership Required] 8/10
  • "Yahoo move sparks worry of M&A push: CEO review leads to debate on long-term vs. short-term views" MarketWatch 8/10
  • "Yahoo Strategy Review May Result In Changes To Cash Plans" Bloomberg 8/10
  • "What Will Yahoo!'s Mayer Do With All That Cash?" TheStreet 8/10
  • "With Billions Burning a Hole in Her Pocket, Here Are Some Companies Yahoo's Mayer Might Be Eyeing (and Buying)" AllThingsD 8/10
Tech Stocks
  • "Yahoo shares fall; RIM rises on speculation: Latest chatter has IBM interested in parts of BlackBerry maker" MarketWatch 8/10
  • "U.S. stocks stretch weekly gains to five: Yahoo's Mayer sends a strange signal" MarketWatch 8/10
  • "S&P 500 Caps Longest Rally Since 2010 On Stimulus Bets" Bloomberg 8/10
  • "Wall Street Pressured by China Trade Data" FOXBusiness 8/10
  • "Stocks Higher for Week, S&P Logs 6-Day Rally" CNBC 8/10
  • "Wall St slips on China data, S&P still up for week" Reuters 8/10
  • "Chinese economic downturn weighs on markets despite hopes of more stimulus" Associated Press [Free Registration Required] 8/10
  • "Stocks Rise on Speculation of Fed Support" TheStreet 8/10
  • "Stocks: U.S. stocks finished a week of gains with a Friday of little change, following disappointing economic data from China and the U.S. heightened fears about a global slowdown." CNNMoney 8/10
  • "U.S. Stocks Rally at Close" [Paid Membership Required] 8/10
  • "Stocks face pressure from China" CNNMoney 8/10
  • "U.K. stocks index falls on China growth concerns: Miners weigh after China's trade surplus shrinks" MarketWatch 8/10
  • "Asian Markets Decline on Chinese Data" [Paid Membership Required] 8/10
  • "Asia Markets: Asian stocks retreat as China data, earnings weigh/Regional benchmarks end week higher, led by 5.3% rise for Kospi" MarketWatch 8/10
  • "Streak Ends for European Stocks" [Paid Membership Required] 8/10
  • "Europe Markets: China data take toll on European stocks" MarketWatch 8/10
  • "Most active Nasdaq-traded stocks: Nasdaq's 10 most active stocks at the close of trading" Associated Press 8/10
  • "Final Glance: Computer companies/Computer companies shares up at the close of trading" Associated Press 8/10
  • "Midday Glance: Computer companies/Computer companies shares mixed at 1 p.m." Associated Press 8/10

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InformationWeek (Checked 8:10 PM CST; no changes since Friday)
  • "6 Tech Trends for the Enterprise in 2019"
  • "Voice is Dead, Long Live Voice"
New York Times (Updated 8:10 PM CST)
  • "The Facebook Movie Told Us What We Needed to Know About Mark Zuckerberg"
  • "Finally, a Machine That Can Finish Your Sentence"
  • "In 'Digital India,' Government Hands Out Free Phones to Win Votes"
PC Magazine (Updated 8:10 PM CST)
  • "Here Are the Amazon Black Friday Deals You Can Get Now"
  • "The Best Walmart Black Friday Tech Deals"
Reuters (Checked 8:10 PM CST; no changes since Friday)
  • "Alphabet unit halts glucose-detecting contact lens project"
  • "Digital media company Technicolor explores options including sale: sources"
  • "Google Cloud names Thomas Kurian to replace CEO Diane Greene"
  • "U.S. regulator settles with tech startups over token sale violations"
  • "U.S. Senate bill vows to get tough on robocalls, up penalties"
  • "VW embarks on $50 billion electrification plan"
  • "Europe 5G network buildout to trigger deals, won't bust capex budgets"
  • "Tesla starts taking Model 3 orders in China"
  • "The egos disbanded? Bridging the great advertising divide"
  • "Volkswagen expects to be the most profitable maker of electric cars"
ZDNet (Updated 8:10 PM CST)
  • "NAB business customers trial Alipay"
  • "APAC firms look to edge for faster response but worry over data security"
  • "Cruising with Mate 20s and Pixel 3 XL, Moment lenses, OnePlus 6T (MobileTechRoundup show #450)"
  • "5G mobile: Why dialling down the hype is the smartest move"
  • "Indigo subsea cable system chooses NextDC datacentres"
  • "Alibaba's 11.11 Global Shopping Festival by the numbers"
  • "No need to keep encryption-busting capabilities secret: Internet Australia"
  • "Best tablet Black Friday deals: Apple iPad, Amazon Fire, and more"

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