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TechNN Archive: Monday, July 15, 2013


Computer Industry
  • "A Big Dell Holder Will Reject Buyout: Influential Holder T. Rowe Price Signals No Vote on Deal" [Paid Membership Required] 4:35 PM
  • "Dell Buyout Battle: Icahn Attacks Dell's Scare Tactics--And 'Abysmal Record" Forbes 9:06 AM
  • "Dell's fate up for grabs as vote looms: or gamble on Icahn" MarketWatch 9:15 AM
  • "Icahn battle with Dell over buyout going down to the wire" IDG News Service 9:21 AM
  • "Carl C. Icahn Issues Open Letter To Stockholders Of Dell" Sacramento Bee 9:21 AM
  • "Icahn Urges Dell Shareholders to Reject Buyout" Nasdaq 9:21 AM
  • "Icahn: Dell Deploying 'Scare Tactics' Ahead of Shareholder Vote" FOXBusiness 9:14 AM
  • "Icahn Accuses Dell Board of Trying to Frighten Shareholders" AllThingsD 9:13 AM
  • "At stake in battle: Dell's future" MENAFN 9:21 AM
  • "Why Carl Icahn Is a Bad Fit for Dell" PC Magazine 8:33 AM
  • "Hewlett-Packard Appoints Three New Board Members" [Paid Membership Required] 8:50 AM
  • "HP Grows Board, Adds 3 New Directors" TheStreet 9:13 AM
  • "HP Names Former CEOs of McDonald's, Liberty Media to Its Board" Bloomberg 8:48 AM
  • "HP names ex-Microsoft software chief, 2 others to board" Reuters 8:49 AM
  • "Interesting: Ray Ozzie joins HP board" GigaOM 8:51 AM
  • "H-P Renews Deal with Black & Veatch" Zacks 9:06 AM
  • "Bucking the trend, Microsoft's smartwatch may have its own LTE connection" GigaOM 11:20 AM
  • "Microsoft working on smartwatch with translucent aluminum, LTE support" GeekWire 11:37 AM
  • "Microsoft reportedly testing smartwatch made of transparent aluminium" Neowin 9:04 AM
  • "Microsoft's Surface team hard at work on smartwatch prototype" CNET News 8:31 AM
  • "Surface Watch? Microsoft allegedly testing a 'translucent aluminum' smartwatch" The Verge 8:43 AM
  • "Microsoft's reorg memo hints at InfoNav, Moorea, new meeting tech" CNET News 4:27 PM
  • "Five years later, Bill Gates back at Microsoft for talk today" GeekWire 11:19 AM
  • "Microsoft Cuts Surface Tablet Price to Spur Demand" eWeek 9:36 AM
  • "Microsoft Cuts Price of Surface RT Tablet by Up to 30%" [Paid Membership Required] 8:42 AM
  • "Microsoft lathers up Windows 8.0 Surface RT for quick price shave: You don't have to be a student to buy unwanted slab" The Register 8:43 AM
  • "Microsoft Slashes Surface RT Prices By ~30% In Various Countries" Microsoft-News 9:18 AM
  • "Microsoft Surface RT Price Cut Goes Into Effect Worldwide" Redmond Pie 9:37 AM
  • "Microsoft Sets New Price for Surface RT at $349" 24/7 Wall St. 8:36 AM
  • "Stick a fork in it, Windows RT is done" BetaNews 8:41 AM
  • "New Microsoft: Leader again or still fast-follower?" Computerworld UK 9:18 AM
  • "This Is The Organization That Steve Ballmer Is Trying To Change" Forbes 9:05 AM
  • "Confidential Microsoft brief: 'We're TOAST if we fight Google on price'/'That is one scenario where we are very much at risk'" Channel Register 8:37 AM
  • "Oracle ups memory, storage of Exalytics analytics appliance" Computerworld 9:36 AM
  • "Oracle to halt development of Sun virtualization technologies" ZDNet 9:24 AM
  • "IT security spend up, but in the wrong places, Oracle says" ZDNet 9:24 AM
  • "Oracle joins rivals to advance cloud computing" Computerworld 8:38 AM
  • "Oracle ups memory, storage of Exalytics analytics appliance" InfoWorld 8:34 AM
  • "With Haswell Faltering, Baytrail Is Make Or Break For Intel" Seeking Alpha 11:20 AM
  • "Intel's Thunderbolt remains high-end rarity as Acer drops out" CNET News 8:50 AM
  • "Intel Analysts Believe Forecast Cut Possible" Seeking Alpha 8:29 AM
  • "CISCO CTO: Being The Only Woman In A Room Is An Advantage" Business Insider 9:20 AM
General Interest
  • "Yahoo's Marissa Mayer Hits One-Year Mark: Shares Have Soared More Than 70%, but Little Evidence Yet of a Real Turnaround" [Paid Membership Required] 9:45 PM
  • "Sony Video Unlimited adds persistent library, grants cross-device access" Engadget 8:31 PM
  • "Radiohead's Thom Yorke pulls music from Spotify, calls model unfair" Electronista 7:20 PM
  • "Verizon's rumored plan may ensure you always have a new phone in your hands: Verizon may go the way of T-Mobile's JUMP! as soon as next month." Ars Technica 7:13 PM
  • "Yahoo IDs officially up for grabs" CNET News 4:28 PM
  • "6 Great Summertime Tech Tools for Your Dog" Techland 8:38 AM
  • "The tracking technology retailers use to compete with Amazon" The Verge 8:43 AM
  • "How Facebook Has Influenced the Way People Spend Time on The Internet" It's All Tech 10:47 AM
  • "Fab Says It Will Give You Flash-Sale Emails How You Want Them, When You Want Them" AllThingsD 8:52 AM
  • "Femtocell hack reveals mobile phones' calls, texts and photos" CNNMoney 8:47 AM
  • "Firefox wants a thunderclap to lead OS release" The Inquirer 8:37 AM
  • "Chrome Users More Likely To Ignore Security Warnings" InformationWeek 4:27 PM
  • "Post-Google, Frommer's will publish print guidebooks again" paidContent 8:50 AM
  • "Google's chances to obtain dotless 'http://search' domain are shrinking" PCWorld 11:37 AM
  • "Google Has Discovered A Massive New Revenue Driver — And It's A Huge Threat To Amazon" Business Insider 10:47 AM
  • "Google cracking down on sites that push fake, spammy search results to users" The Verge 10:05 AM
  • "Google's China Head Steps Down" AllThingsD 8:50 AM
  • "Head of Google China leaves post, to be replaced by executive from Europe" InfoWorld 8:49 AM
  • "Hulu'S Dithering Is Rocket Fuel For Netflix" BGR 11:36 AM
  • "Internet evildoers stitch together vile ransomware-survey scam chimaera: Used criminal brain stolen from brain depository" The Register 8:35 AM
  • "Can Instagram become 'the biggest thing in the world'? CEO Kevin Systrom thinks so" The Verge 10:48 AM
  • "Chinese PC Giant Lenovo Starts Manufacturing in U.S." Bloomberg 8:44 AM
  • "The future of Linux: Evolving everywhere" Techworld 9:59 AM
  • "Motorola Moto X will always be listening with Open Mic feature: Good job selling that, Google" The Inquirer 9:36 AM
  • "The PC fights back: U.S. sales decline is slowing" PCWorld 8:40 AM
  • "Robots to revolutionize farming, ease labor woes" Seattle Times 8:43 AM
  • "The Trouble with Marketing on Twitter: Another Look at the Dangers" 24/7 Wall St. 8:42 AM
  • "Twitter-Backer, Spark, Helps Fund Harvard Grads' Police Software Start-Up" Forbes 8:35 AM
  • "Meet Utilite, a $99 quad-core ARM-based PC running Ubuntu" Engadget 8:41 AM
  • "This ARM-Based Ubuntu Box Only Costs $100" Gizmodo 8:42 AM
  • "Researchers hack Verizon device, turn it into mobile spy station" Reuters 8:47 AM
  • "How one year of Marissa Mayer has changed Yahoo" CNNMoney 8:38 AM
  • "Yahoo Exec: Telecommuting Ban Is Absolutely Necessary" AllThingsD 8:34 AM
  • "Marissa Mayer Is Handing Out More Than 11,000 Jawbone UP Fitness Bands To Help Yahoo Employees Stay In Shape" Business Insider 8:46 AM
  • "Marissa Mayer's First Year at Yahoo: Don't Call It a Comeback" Mashable 11:36 AM
Press Releases
  • "San Jose and Microsoft announce city's selection of Office 365, Windows Azure and StorSimple for over 5,000 employees" PRNewswire 9:13 AM
  • "Oracle Exalytics X3-4 Powers Real-Time Analytical Insights" MarketWired 8:47 AM
  • "Microsoft pushes HomeOS further with Lab of Things, but where's the mobile angle?" GigaOM 7:25 PM
  • "Kinect costs almost as much as the Xbox One to build" BGR 6:23 PM
  • "Bill Gates on the future of education, programming and just about everything else" GigaOM 4:34 PM
  • "Bill Gates says Microsoft Bob will make a comeback" CNET News 4:27 PM
  • "Ex-Microsoft executive, ex-McDonald's CEO join HP board" Reuters 4:27 PM
  • "As Ballmer Maps Out Cloud Empire, All Eyes on Satya Nadella" TheStreet 8:46 AM
  • "Xbox One's PR Problems Live On, Console Booed at EVO 2013" Forbes 9:35 AM
  • "Microsoft Exec Admits Xbox One Debut Was Horribly Mishandled" BGR 10:46 AM
  • "Microsoft admits 'shame' for flawed Xbox One messaging, hints Family Sharing could return" The Verge 10:09 AM
  • "Google engineer first to profit from Microsoft's cash for bugs program" The Verge 8:36 AM
  • "Google and Microsoft sign up to US ad network guidelines on fighting piracy and counterfeiting" The Next Web 9:07 AM
  • "Microsoft adds a Lab of Things to its HomeOS" ZDNet 10:01 AM
  • "Microsoft addresses devops with InRelease technology" InfoWorld 8:48 AM
  • "Microsoft Orders Updates for Windows-Certified Systems by 2014" PC Magazine 8:33 AM
  • "Rumor: Windows Phone 9 will be a clean slate, again" Neowin 9:19 AM
  • "Windows Phone 9 is coming - but not until 2015" The Gadget Show 9:19 AM
  • "Yahoo wins motion to declassify court documents in PRISM case: Ruling will allow the Internet company to publicly reveal it challenged a U.S. government order to participate in the National Security Agency's controversial data collection program." CNET News 9:33 PM
  • "Remember Jay-Z's terrible Android app? Privacy group wants feds to investigate/Even Hova himself said of the privacy problems: 'sux must do better.'" Ars Technica 8:31 PM
  • "Australia election threatens shape of $34 billion broadband plan" Reuters 4:27 PM
  • "Edward Snowden Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize" Slashdot 8:32 AM
  • "It Is Now Abundantly Clear Why Edward Snowden Is The US Government's 'Worst Nightmare'" Business Insider 8:31 AM
  • "Russia's Putin: signs Snowden is shifting on the U.S" Reuters 11:20 AM
  • "Snowden affair is chance for truce in cyber war: U.N." Reuters 11:36 AM
  • "Amazon is criticised over €3m German tax bill" The Inquirer 8:44 AM
  • "Euro ISPs raided in downloads strangle probe" The Register 8:45 AM
  • "ISPs baulk at Department of Education request" The Inquirer 8:46 AM
  • "Leaked letter shows ISPs and government at war" BBC 8:35 AM
  • "Goodreads hit with copyright suit over fan photo" paidContent 8:46 AM
  • "Internet Association's New Website Lets Users Comment on Bills" Mashable 11:19 AM
  • "Microsoft sues US Customs over Motorola ban" The Inquirer 8:41 AM
  • "Your Computer May Already be Hacked -- NSA Inside?" Forbes 10:49 AM
  • "N.S.A. Leaks Revive Push in Russia to Control Net" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 8:29 AM
  • "Russia pushing for tighter net control thanks to Snowden" Memeburn 8:28 AM
  • "Sony abandons appeal over PSN security-breach fine" BBC 8:49 AM
  • "Sony will Pay £250K ICO Fine in UK for 2011 PlayStation Data Breach" I4U News 8:32 AM
  • "UK border police can seize and download your phone's data for no reason at all" The Verge 8:41 AM
  • "UK reportedly wants internet filters labeled as 'default-on,' true or not" Engadget 8:34 AM
  • " fines itself harshly for hurling NHS records to the winds: Even managed to lose records showing how many records were lost" The Register 8:29 AM
  • "EU and US internet privacy talks continue in spite of PRISM spying scandal" V3 8:47 AM
  • "A State Department Bureau Spent $630,000 On Facebook Ads" Business Insider 8:51 AM
  • "U.S. Government Seeks To Set Internet Poker Free...Through New Regulations" Forbes 9:04 AM
  • "Capture the best camera phone: Looking for a camera phone that takes awesome photos? Use our tool to compare images from the newest and hottest devices." CNET Reviews 9:32 PM
  • "Why I won't be buying a Surface RT, even for $349" CNET Reviews 1:28 PM
  • "Unusual file-infecting malware steals FTP credentials, researchers say: About 70 percent of computers infected with this threat are in the U.S., according to antivirus firm Trend Micro" InfoWorld 10:47 AM
  • "How Businesses Will Benefit From Cloud Provider Collaboration" Forbes 8:33 AM
  • "How to use Facebook's Graph Search (and why you would even want to)" TechHive 8:39 AM
  • "Facebook Engineer Responds To BuzzFeed's Heavy Criticism That 'No One's Listening'" Business Insider 9:37 AM
  • "You Really Might Be Boring Your Facebook Friends" AllThingsD 8:42 AM
  • "Google Search Isn't Really About Search Anymore ... Surprised?" The Motley Fool 11:19 AM
  • "How The Internet Of Things Will Think" ReadWrite 8:33 AM
  • "The Flaw in Microsoft's Windows 8 Logic" Techland 10:43 AM
  • "Why Microsoft's Reorganization Is Not About Technology" Forbes 8:33 AM
  • "Microsoft has derailed for lack of an engineer in chief" Computerworld 8:38 AM
  • "Paul Graham Offers Counter-Intuitive Advice To Startups: 'Do Things That Don't Scale'" Business Insider 8:32 AM
  • "Why The Future Of Innovation Is Simulation" Forbes 8:45 AM
  • "Why Citizen Developers Are The Future Of Programming" ReadWrite 8:48 AM
  • "Why online reputation is more important than ever: Q&A with Blue Rubicon's Craig Le Grice" The Next Web 8:48 AM
  • "Will consumers embrace wearable tech?" USA Today 9:35 AM
  • "Get Organized: More Powerful Email Forwarding" PC Magazine 9:37 AM
  • "Baidu plans to buy stake in NetDragon unit for $1 billion" Reuters 9:46 PM
  • " Takes $300M Loan For ExactTarget Acquisition, Cash Resources Getting Tight" TechCrunch 9:30 PM
  • "Kabam says valuation climbs to $700 million with employee stock sale" Reuters 4:27 PM
  • "AT&T to Buy Leap Wireless for About $1.2 Billion" Techland 9:07 AM
  • "Bitcoin ETF: Get Ready For Bubble Mania" Seeking Alpha 8:52 AM
  • "Codeanywhere raises $600,000 to boost its 'Google Docs for developers' service" The Next Web 8:42 AM
  • "Hulu No Longer For Sale, Receives $750 Million USD in Funding" DailyTech 9:36 AM
  • "Stonesoft Corporation: Mcafee Has Announced The Final Result Of The Subsequent Tender Offer Period" Reuters 8:36 AM
  • "A Gaming Startup That's Actually Profitable Is Now Worth $700 Million" Business Insider 9:07 AM
  • "Online game company Kabam now valued at $700m based on recent employee share sale" The Next Web 8:36 AM
  • "VMware sell-off continues as it offloads Zimbra" GigaOM 9:07 AM
  • "WebMD Healthcorp: Shareholders Overreact As The Recovery Picks Up Steam" Seeking Alpha 8:32 AM
Tech Stocks
  • "Tech Stocks: Yelp slides, but NetApp lifts techs/Shares of Yelp Inc. retreated Monday after being downgraded by UBS, but technology stocks edged higher aided by gains in shares of NetApp Inc." MarketWatch 2:40 PM
  • "Stocks gain as earnings come into focus" CNNMoney 4:30 PM
  • "Stocks Edge Still Higher on Citibank's Profits" TheStreet 4:30 PM
  • "Stocks Flat as Traders Mull Mixed Earnings, Citi Beat" FOXBusiness 10:13 AM
  • "Stocks Notch Another Record" [Paid Membership Required] 4:30 PM
  • "Asia Markets: China stocks rise after data belies fears" MarketWatch 9:29 AM
  • "Europe Markets: European stocks climb after China GDP data" MarketWatch 9:29 AM
  • "Most active Nasdaq-traded stocks: Nasdaq's 10 most active stocks at 1 p.m." Associated Press 12:34 PM
  • "Final Glance: Computer companies/Computer companies shares mixed at the close of trading" Associated Press 9:38 PM

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InformationWeek (Updated 8:30 PM CDT)
  • "The 'Opsec Fail' That Helped Unmask a North Korean State Hacker"
  • "Device-as-a-Service Will Power the Access Economy Commentary"
New York Times (Updated 8:30 PM CDT)
  • "PayPal Cuts Off Alex Jones's Infowars, Joining Other Tech Giants"
  • "Jeff Bezos Cites a Big Number, but Few Details, in Plan for Low-Income Montessori Preschools"
PC Magazine (Updated 8:30 PM CDT)
  • "Twitter Bug May Have Exposed Direct Messages"
  • "Data on Millions from Unwiped Servers Sold Over Craigslist"
  • "18 Apple Watch Accessories Worth Buying"
  • "PayPal Bans Infowars Over Hate Speech"
  • "Instagram's IGTV Recommended Exploitative Child Videos"
  • "Tap Demos Its Wearable Keyboard and Mouse"
  • "Hands On With Amazon's New Echo Dot, Plus, Input, and More"
  • "PS Now Subscribers Can Now Download Games"
  • "China Blocks Twitch"
  • "Canon vs. Nikon vs. the Rest: Choosing the Right Camera System" ...
Reuters (Updated 8:30 PM CDT)
  • "Google CEO Sundar Pichai denies efforts to tweak search results: Axios"
  • "The artist as an algorithm: robot-made Rembrandt for sale"
  • "FCC chairman ramps up defense of net neutrality repeal"
  • "As new iPhones go on sale, studies reveal chips from Intel and Toshiba"
  • "Dissected new iPhones reveal Intel, Micron, Toshiba parts"
  • "Farfetch tops price range in IPO in boon to luxury market"
  • "Comcast and Fox take $34 billion battle for Britain's Sky to the wire"
  • "Chinese police arrest 21 over data theft at Alibaba's delivery arm: Xinhua"
  • "Uber in talks to buy food delivery firm Deliveroo: Bloomberg"
  • "The artist as an algorithm: robot-made Rembrandt for sale"
ZDNet (Checked 8:30 PM; no changes since 3:45 PM CDT)
  • "Twitter notifies users about API bug that shared DMs with wrong devs"
  • "iPhone XS Max first impressions: It's big, but not too big"
  • "iOS 12: Haven't updated yet?"
  • "New Virobot ransomware will also log keystrokes, add PC to a spam botnet"
  • "iPhone XS and XS Max reveals some battery surprises"
  • "How advanced persistent threats are creating new vulnerabilities"
  • "Windows 10 Mobile's last gasp? Wileyfox revives its dead Windows 10 phone"
  • "Thousands of WordPress sites backdoored with malicious code"

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