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TechNN Archive: Sunday, April 16, 2017


Computer Industry
  • "Microsoft patents an advanced eye scanning system for potential use in future devices" Neowin 8:52 PM
  • "Xbox Insider Hub is coming to Windows 10 PCs" Neowin 12:27 PM
  • "Here are the Best Improvements in the Windows 10 Creators Update" Thurrott 4:51 PM
  • "Only a handful of Windows phones will get the latest update: Windows 10 Creators Update is too demanding for some older devices." Engadget 6:46 PM
  • "Students Of Bath Investment Club Share New Intel On Intel" Seeking Alpha 8:04 AM
  • "Early computing pioneer Robert Taylor dies: Taylor led teams that ushered in ARPAnet and modern PCs." Engadget 6:46 PM
  • "What do PCs, Samsung's Galaxy 8 and Toyota's concept vehicle have in common? Notable design" ZDNet 9:02 PM
  • "Microsoft says it already patched 'Shadow Brokers' NSA leaks: Four exploits were addressed in a March 2017 update, suggesting the company may have been tipped off." Engadget 4/15
  • "Microsoft has already patched the NSA's leaked Windows hacks" The Verge 4/15
  • "Mysterious Microsoft patch killed 0days released by NSA-leaking Shadow Brokers: Microsoft fixed critical vulnerabilities in uncredited update released in March." Ars Technica 4/15
  • "Microsoft: Past patches address leaked NSA exploits/The patches: one of which was issued last month: address the exploits found in the Shadow Brokers leak" Computerworld New Zealand 4/15
  • "Windows 10 Will Reportedly Add Native Tabbed Windows For Apps" HotHardware 4/15
  • "Microsoft's cancelled Lumia 750 aka 'Guilin' gets revealed in new video" Neowin 4/15
  • "Microsoft kills the official upgrade path from Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 Mobile" Neowin 4/15
  • "Microsoft Explains Edge Battery Life Gains in Creators Update" Thurrott 4/15
  • "Kaspersky Lab extends bug bounty program, increases financial incentives" Neowin 4/15
  • "HOT NEWS'Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2' DLC Pack 3: Fans Expect April 25 Release Date; Gameplay Trailer out Next WeekFollow Us/AMD Ryzen 5 vs. Intel Core i5: Ryzen 5 1600X Tagged as 'The People's CPU' – Here's Why" Telegiz 4/15
General Interest
  • "Nintendo Considers Switch Mini Variant For Even More Portable Gaming" HotHardware 4:42 PM
  • "Google Photos will now stabilize your shaky smartphone videos" BGR 4:04 PM
  • "Nintendo Switch First Month Sales Nearly Hit 1 Million In North America" HotHardware 4/15
  • "Samsung deletes tweet claiming that Galaxy S8 and S8+ will be launching in India on April 19" Neowin 4/15
  • "Light's 52MP 'L16' 16 lens camera now has a final design, and is almost ready to ship" Neowin 4/15
  • "Facebook busts up international spam operation: The social network cracked down on a sophisticated ring of fake accounts." Engadget 4/15
  • "Airbnb fights off account hijackers with new security tools: The website now has multi-factor authentication." Engadget 4/15
  • "Facebook busts up international spam operation" Engadget 4/14
  • "Alphabet's Verily reveals a concept clinical smartwatch you can't buy" VentureBeat 4/14
  • "T-Mobile Reportedly Shipping Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 To Customers Well Before Official Launch" HotHardware 4/14
  • "Google Photos will make your shaky videos watchable" Engadget 4/14
  • "Apple vs Google vs Microsoft: who will get to the future of PCs first?" The Verge 4/14
  • "CrankWheel: easy screen sharing for Chrome" BetaNews 4/14
  • "How to enable Dark Mode on YouTube" BetaNews 4/14
  • "How to enable Dark Mode on YouTube" BetaNews 4/14
  • "Here's how to activate YouTube's hidden Dark Mode" The Verge 4/14
  • "Facebook is stepping up efforts to automatically identify fake accounts and Likes" The Verge 4/14
  • "Facebook buys newspaper space to combat fake news" Engadget 4/14
  • "Facebook runs full page newspaper ads against fake news in France ahead of the election" TechCrunch 4/14
  • "Facebook cracks down on 30,000 fake accounts in France as presidential race tightens" VentureBeat 4/14
  • "Samsung releases new Outdoor, Travel, and Sports Gear S3 smartwatch watchfaces" BetaNews 4/14
  • "Samsung reportedly planning rugged Galaxy S8 for AT&T" The Verge 4/14
  • "The best WiFi router (for most people)" Engadget 4/14
  • "Bose goes premium with its outdoor-ready Revolve speakers" Engadget 4/14
  • "Airbnb reportedly shutters its Russian subsidiary" VentureBeat 4/14
  • "Nintendo discontinues NES Classic Edition" BetaNews 4/14
Press Releases
  • "Microsoft Rewards to replace Xbox Live Rewards in Australia in late April" Neowin 4/15
  • "How To Download And Install Windows 10 Themes On Your PC" Redmond Pie 4/15
  • "Following Apple, Microsoft may finally bring tabs to Windows apps like File Explorer" VentureBeat 4/14
  • "How To Create Custom Themes In Windows 10" AddictiveTips 4/14
  • "Windows 10 Creators Update: The New Modern Way to Clean Up Your Disk Drive" SuperSite for Windows 4/14
  • "WINDOWS PRODUCTIVITY: Replace These 7 Default Windows Apps With Better Alternatives" MakeUseOf 4/14
  • "Microsoft Claims Edge Battery Life is 35 Percent Longer Than Chrome Now" LAPTOP Magazine 4/14
  • "Cost-Effective Window Inserts Can Insulate Older Windows Without Replacing Them (Review)" Clean Technical 4/14
  • "Xbox One update makes your game streams easier to find" Engadget 4/14
  • "New leak shows how a major hacking group cracked Windows and international banks" The Verge 4/14
  • "The Shadow Brokers are back with exploits for Windows and global banking systems" TechCrunch 4/14
  • "Microsoft Intern Says He Wasn't Paid a Single Cent for Creating Solitaire" Softpedia 4/14
  • "Finally a Decent Explanation of How Windows 10 Creators Update's Game Mode Works" Softpedia 4/14
  • "Microsoft's April Security Update Blocks Windows update in 7 and 8.1 for new CPUs" Guru3D 4/14
  • "This is what Microsoft's Xbox Project Scorpio dev kit looks like" The Next Web 4/14
  • "Skype's 'all-new' Windows 10 app makes the trip to Xbox One" Engadget 4/14
  • "Microsoft to Launch Windows 10 Laptop Not Running Win32 Software by Default" Softpedia 4/14
  • "Microsoft releases updated Office Insider builds for iOS and Mac users with new improvements" MSPoweruser 4/14
  • "How to upgrade Bash/Windows Subsystem for Linux in Windows 10 Creators Update" BetaNews 4/14
  • "The desperate tricks Microsoft employs to force customers to upgrade to Windows 10" BetaNews 4/14
  • "Meet the new Microsoft Edge: 5 key improvements with the Creators Update" PCWorld 4/14
  • "Five to Try: Sweatcoin lets you earn as you burn calories, and Lumino City is an enchanting quest" Greenbot 4/14
  • "What you need to know about that latest NSA data dump: This could make it even harder for Europe and Silicon Valley to trust the U.S. government." Recode 6:54 PM
  • "GOP rep. on ISP privacy rules: 'Nobody's got to use the internet'" Engadget 4/14
  • "Republican lawmaker on privacy: 'Nobody's got to use the internet'" The Next Web 4/14
  • "The new CIA head hates WikiLeaks (when convenient)" Engadget 4/14
  • "How the UK is positioning itself as a technology hub" BetaNews 4/14
  • "Microsoft for first time acknowledges receiving secretive request for user data" Washington Times 4/14
  • "Microsoft Publishes FBI National Security Letter Requesting User Data" Softpedia 4/14
  • "GDPR and what it means for businesses" BetaNews 4/14
  • "One-upping the NES Classic Edition with the Raspberry Pi 3 and RetroPie: NES Classic is no more, but luckily cheap hobbyist boards are great for little projects." Ars Technica 12:17 PM
  • "Why we went low-tech showcasing high-tech smart cities at SXSW" ReadWrite 4/14
  • "Connected Car Data Is the New Oil" PC Magazine 4/14
  • "Review: Logitech's G Pro keyboard is overkill of the best kind" The Next Web 4/14
  • "HP's EliteBook x360 is a stealth business hybrid - Video" ZDNet 4/14
  • "How will future cars stay up-to-date? Make them open like a PC" PCWorld 4/14
  • "This 'tricorder kit' could let you diagnose pneumonia at home someday" The Verge 4/14
  • "Equity podcast: Capital in, capital out and Arlan Hamilton's venture thesis" TechCrunch 4/14
  • "Tech firms crowd into San Francisco, but it's still no Silicon Valley" Computerworld 4/14
  • "Only in the USA: ISPs get tax dollars to build weak broadband" InfoWorld 4/14
  • "Solving the puzzle of hybrid cloud [Q&A] BetaNews 4/14
  • "Tepid results for Infosys offers few positives for firm or industry looking ahead" ZDNet 4/14
  • "Sales AI company Afiniti valued at $1.6 billion, files for IPO" VentureBeat 4/14
Tech Stocks
  • "Concerns About North Korea Send Asian Stock Markets Lower: Senior Pyongyang official says U.S. is becoming 'more vicious and more aggressive' under Trump" [Paid Membership Required] 4/14
  • "Asian markets pull back as concern over North Korea mounts: Asian stocks fell and the yen rose to session highs as worries about North Korea simmered, after a senior Pyongyang official said the U.S. is becoming 'more vicious and more aggressive' under President Donald Trump." MarketWatch 4/14
  • "European stocks close lower after Trump's dollar comments: European stocks slid Thursday, with banks leading the charge south after President Donald Trump's comments about the dollar and interest rates." MarketWatch 4/14

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  • "Device-as-a-Service Will Power the Access Economy"
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  • "For Hackers, Anonymity Was Once Critical. That's Changing."
  • "These Robots Run, Dance and Flip. But Are They a Business?"
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  • "Twitter Bug May Have Exposed Direct Messages"
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  • "18 Apple Watch Accessories Worth Buying"
  • "PayPal Bans Infowars Over Hate Speech"
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  • "Apple Watch Series 4 first look review: Thinner body, bigger screen, higher price"
  • "Hacker gets a whopping 14 years in prison for running Scan4You service"

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