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TechNN Archive: Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Computer Industry
  • "Microsoft held back free patch that could have slowed WannaCry" Financial Times [Paid Membership Required] 9:15 AM
  • "Microsoft will make the most from WannaCry" Financial Times [Paid Membership Required] 7:28 AM
  • "IBM makes leap in quantum computing power: There's now a 16-bit quantum computer on the IBM Cloud platform for businesses to experiment with" IDG News Service 7:22 AM
  • "IBM unveils its most powerful quantum processor yet" Engadget 7:40 AM
  • "IBM Successfully Constructs a 17-Qubit Quantum Processor, its Most Powerful to Date" Digital Trends 1:03 PM
  • "IBM Watson meets SAP Leonardo for cognitive procurement" ZDNet 9:16 AM
  • "IBM Responds to Petition by Suspending Support for Blood Center" 24/7 Wall St. 11:56 AM
  • "HPE unveils world's largest single-memory computer" V3 8:03 AM
  • "IoT needs security, says Microsoft without even a small trace of irony" The Register 7:11 AM
  • "AMD is making PCs and servers exciting again: Forget about smartphones and tablets, AMD is making the PC and server markets exciting again." ZDNet 12:40 PM
  • "AMD says it's back to stay: At its analyst day, the chipmaker revealed new details of upcoming server, PC and graphics products that will make it more competitive, and said it has a plan to stay there for the long haul." ZDNet 12:40 PM
  • "AMD unveils Ryzen Threadripper: A monster CPU with 16 cores, 32 threads" Ars Technica 7:55 AM
  • "AMD ramping shipments of Ryzen 7, Ryzen 5 CPUs" DigiTimes 7:27 AM
  • "AMD's 16-core, 32-thread 'Threadripper' CPU to challenge Intel's rumoured Core i9" V3 7:50 AM
  • "AMD Announces 16-Core 'Threadripper' Desktop CPUs To Do Battle With Intel X299 And Skylake X" Forbes 7:08 AM
  • "AMD Updates GPU Architecture Roadmap: After Navi Comes 'Next Gen'" AnandTech 7:57 AM
  • "AMD Unveils the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition: Vega Starts in the Pros" AnandTech 7:56 AM
  • "AMD's first Radeon Vega graphics card isn't for you, and gamers may be waiting a while" PCWorld 7:22 AM
  • "AMD Targets Esports Audience With New Radeon Rx 560 Graphics Card" Digital Trends 11:34 AM
  • "AMD makes its data center move: Will it be EPYC? AMD's master plan: Crack the data center via its EPYC server processor, simplify architecture with its GPUs and then grab machine learning and artificial intelligence workloads." ZDNet 6:46 AM
  • "Nvidia partners introduce GeForce GT 1030 graphics cards" Hexus 10:58 AM
  • "Oracle's security ops portfolio surpasses 1 million users" Financial News UK 10:57 AM
  • "Cisco forecasts weak revenue, shares fall" Reuters 3:55 PM
  • "Cisco shares fall on weak revenue outlook" ZDNet 3:55 PM
  • "Cisco Earnings: What to Watch/Tech giant seen posting sixth successive quarterly fall in revenue" [Paid Membership Required] 7:28 AM
  • "Sapphire Now: SAP Rolls Out a Slew of New Analytics Tools" PC Magazine 9:10 AM