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TechNN Archive: Sunday, October 8, 2017


Computer Industry
  • "Microsoft takes struggling Edge browser to iOS, Android" Computerworld 7:41 AM
  • "Edge in name only: Android and iOS Edge web browser/Microsoft's Edge on Android smartphones and Apple iPhones is merely a thin cover over native open-source web browsers." ZDNet 6:46 PM
  • "Microsoft exec says Windows 10 Mobile is no longer a 'focus'" Engadget 6:47 PM
  • "Microsoft's fans are worried the company doesn't care about them" Business Insider AU 5:46 PM
  • "Will Microsoft Cancel Its 'Confirmed' Surface Phone?" Forbes 5:46 PM
  • "Intel Corp.'s Plan to Sell More Expensive Chips" The Motley Fool 2:29 PM
  • "Lenovo Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Limited-Edition ThinkPad" Al Bawaba 8:16 AM
  • "IBM shifts center of gravity half a world away, to India" New York Times 8:15 PM
  • "Dell packs enterprise-grade capabilities to its entry-level midrange storage" Networks Asia 8:17 AM
  • "Analysts Peeling Back the Layers on Advanced Micro Devices, Inc." Geneva Journal 8:15 AM
  • "Oracle's Biggest Threat Is Microsoft: IDC" Investopedia 7:25 PM
  • "Oracle's automated database is a minimum viable release - analyst" The Register 6:47 PM
  • "New Theory Cracks Open the Black Box of Deep Neural Networks" Wired 7:39 AM
  • "Facebook tells advertisers more scrutiny is coming" Axios 10/7
  • "Facebook will hand-review every ad targeting politics and race" Engadget 10/7
  • "Microsoft's Windows 10 Browser Now Available for All iPhone Users" Softpedia 10/7
  • "Microsoft has made Edge beta available for all iPhone users" Neowin 10/7
  • "Microsoft removes restrictions, opens up Edge for iOS Preview to everyone" phoneArena 10/7
  • "HP Ditched Elite X3 Plans Because Microsoft Lost Interest" Gears of Biz 10/7
  • "IBM Should Cut Down On Outsourcing To India" Forbes 10/7
General Interest
  • "Russians in Silicon Valley Can't Shake Hacking's Shadow" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 8:44 PM
  • "Sony back in the robotics game with new version of Aibo" ZDNet 8:41 PM
  • "Facebook is continuing the fight against fake news with a new button" Digital Trends 5:34 PM
  • "Disney's Big Bet on Streaming Relies on Little-Known Tech Company" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 12:28 PM
  • "Amazon Reportedly Pursuing Prescription Drug Sales, Legacy Retail Chains On Notice" HotHardware 7:03 PM
  • "Forget stealing data — these hackers broke into Amazon's cloud to mine bitcoin" Business Insider 9:35 AM
  • "Google Fiber Scales Back TV Service To Focus Solely On High-Speed Internet" HotHardware 7:03 PM
  • "Google added links to its About Us and Store sections to its homepage" The Verge 7:49 AM
  • "Google's Pixel 2 phones fight distracted driving" Engadget 7:42 AM
  • "Microsoft Hides A Little Master Chief Riding A Scorpion Inside The Xbox One X, Because It Can" Tech Times 10/7
  • "Behind-the-scenes with NFL sideline technology: Microsoft and Bose power team communication" Gears of Biz 10/7
  • "Google Pixel 2 can activate Do Not Disturb mode automatically when driving" SlashGear 10/7
  • "Google to use balloons to provide Puerto Rico cell service" Reuters 10/6
  • "Report: Amazon seriously considering entering the pharmacy market, selling drugs online" GeekWire 10/6
  • "Google Fiber Ditching TV Service in New Cities" PC Magazine 10/6
  • "Google Home can help you find your phone when asked" Engadget 10/6
  • "Google's quick-loading webpages are getting a better name" Engadget 10/6
  • "Google creates an online exhibit for contemporary art" Engadget 10/6
  • "The Vergecast talks about everything from Google's fall hardware event" The Verge 10/6
  • "Pixel 2 could charge even faster: if you pay more: Google's new phone can reportedly gulp down 27W of pure power." CNET 10/6
  • "Inside Google's new hardware" The Verge 10/6
  • "Google Photos will limit Pixel 2 users' uploads after 2020" Engadget 10/6
  • "Google's Clips camera is powered by a tailor-made AI chip" The Verge 10/6
  • "Google is tryharding at phones right now, and I love it" The Verge 10/6
  • "Google's 2017 Gadget Collection" The Verge 10/6
  • "The Pixel's missing headphone jack proves Apple was right" The Verge 10/6
  • "YouTube changes search algorithms after misinformation during Las Vegas shooting" The Verge 10/6
  • "Amazon is opening a Tokyo pop-up bar to promote booze sales" Engadget 10/6
  • "Facebook quietly releases desktop chat apps for the workplace" The Verge 10/6
  • "One month with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8: The S Pen rises above all else" ZDNet 10/6
  • "GOPRO's Newest Hero Camera Is Boring And Important All At The Same Time" The Verge 10/6
  • "FIFA 18's best new feature is the Nintendo Switch version" The Verge 10/6
  • "The best USB-C adapters, cables, and hubs" Engadget 10/6
  • "BlackBerry's water-resistant Motion revealed in leak" Engadget 10/6
  • "Netflix shares rise as company announces subscription price hike" VentureBeat 10/6
  • "AIM is shutting down on December 15 after 20 years" VentureBeat 10/6
  • "AIM is on its deathbed, but Emily is Away lives on to help you mourn" The Verge 10/6
  • "AOL Instant Messenger is shutting down after 20 years" TechCrunch 10/6
  • "Logitech's Craft keyboard offers premium typing with big bonuses" TechCrunch 10/6
  • "Splice is making it much easier to buy expensive music production plugins" The Verge 10/6
  • "The Sonos One is a safe first step towards the company's voice assistant future" The Verge 10/6
  • "PledgeMusic exposed accounts by letting anyone log in without a password" ZDNet 10/6
  • "Focal Clear review: One of the finest headphones money can buy (and you'll need lots of it)" PCWorld 10/6
  • "Adblock Plus owner Eyeo hikes fees for micropayments service Flattr" VentureBeat 10/6
  • "Sphero SPRK+: A fun, programmable robot for all ages [Review] BetaNews 10/6
  • "Sphero's R2-Q5 'Star Wars' droid is basically a goth R2-D2" Engadget 10/6
  • "Taxify takes on Uber in Paris with lower prices and commissions" Engadget 10/6
  • "GM'S Design Chief Is Primed For The Transportation Revolution" The Verge 10/6
Press Releases
  • "The Weather Company, an IBM Business, Named Official Weather Partner of NASCAR" IBM 10/6
  • "How to prevent data loss on Android phone using a Windows 10 computer" The Star: Malaysia 7:40 AM
  • "Facebook's Windows app now has support for jump lists" MSPoweruser 7:40 AM
  • "Microsoft explains why the Xbox One X does not have VR yet" MSPoweruser 10/7
  • "Microsoft Details How It Made The Xbox One X" GameSpot 10/7
  • "Microsoft announces Xbox Games with Gold for October 2017" Blasting News 10/7
  • "Microsoft Wants To Put Fingerprint Sensor In Keyboard Keys, Files Patent" FossBytes 10/7
  • "Windows 10 Cortana Smart Home Controls Arrive For Harman Kardon Invoke AI Smart Speaker" HotHardware 10/6
  • "Microsoft silently fixes security holes in Windows 10 – dumps Win7, 8 out in the cold" The Register 10/6
  • "There's a tiny Master Chief etched inside the Xbox One X" Engadget 10/6
  • "Windows Firewall Control 5 released, extends protection offered by built-in firewall" BetaNews 10/6
  • "Microsoft starts letting Windows 10 users control smart home devices from their PC" The Verge 10/6
  • "Microsoft announces Edge browser for iOS and Android" Hexus 10/6
  • "Windows Mixed Reality HMDs predicted to outsell Oculus Rift and HTC Vive" Neowin 10/6
  • "With Windows Mixed Reality and Xbox Play Anywhere, do you really need a console?" Windows Central 10/6
  • "Microsoft has Manufactured Every Xbox One X With a Masterchief Riding a 'Scorpio' Image" WCCFTech 10/6
  • "Microsoft Launcher For Android Puts Bing in The Driving Seat" Know Your Mobile 10/6
  • "The Untold Tale Of How Porsche's Supercar Got Into Microsoft's New Game" Fast Company 10/6
  • "SuperData: Microsoft's Windows Mixed Reality headsets will outsell Oculus two-to-one in Q4" MCV 10/6
  • "Microsoft Edge Mobile Arrives On iOS And Android" Silicon UK 10/6
  • "Microsoft will bring Skype redesign to the Linux operating system" V3 10/6
  • "Windows Mixed Reality hands-on: previewing a future" SlashGear 10/6
  • "Windows 10 release date, features, devices and free upgrade: Microsoft Edge is coming to Android and iOS" IT PRO 10/6
  • "Microsoft announces support for Java in Azure Functions" Computing 10/6
  • "WINDOWS: How to Get the Old Volume Control Back on Windows 10" MakeUseOf 10/6
  • "Microsoft Announces Major New Features for Office on the iPhone" Softpedia 10/6
  • "Microsoft confirms new ink effects and custom pens are coming to Office for iOS" phoneArena 10/6
  • "Windows 10 Initial Setup Script review" gHacks 10/6
  • "Windows 10 Mobile loses another big champion: HP drops its flagship Elite X3" ZDNet 10/6
  • "EU raids banks over attempts to block financial tech rivals" Engadget 3:51 PM
  • "About 150 of the political ads Facebook sold to Russia showed up on Instagram" Recode 10/6
  • "America's cash-free future is just around the corner" Engadget 10/6
  • "Puerto Rico governor will discuss Tesla solar systems with Elon Musk" Engadget 10/6
  • "Report: Russian hackers stole NSA files after identifying them using Kaspersky software" BetaNews 10/6
  • "EU to implement electronic ID for residents to accelerate adoption of e-government services" VentureBeat 10/6
  • "Someone hacked the White House chief of staff's personal phone" The Verge 10/6
  • "Accelerating fintech in China" TechCrunch 8:36 PM
  • "Google's Pixel Buds will find cultural complexities a challenge" VentureBeat 7:25 PM
  • "Goodbye AOL Instant Messenger: The first mass-market instant message success story, AIM, is coming to a close. For all its popularity, AOL never really gave it a chance to make money." ZDNet 6:47 PM
  • "Pixel 2 Vs Pixel 2 XL: What's The Difference?" Forbes 6:46 PM
  • "Dear Silicon Valley: America's fallen out of love with you" TechCrunch 3:50 PM
  • "SmartBoy review: Turning your phone into a GameBoy is cool, but it's also a pain" VentureBeat 11:36 AM
  • "Podcast: Made By Google and the Home Ecosystem Challenges" Tech.pinions 10:10 AM
  • "Why Facebook Users Should Download Messenger Lite Instead of Messenger" Wired 9:26 AM
  • "Saying goodbye to the proto-social network of AOL Instant Messenger" Ars Technica 9:25 AM
  • "Smart jewelry tested: do beautiful devices have the brains to compete? Ars tests pieces of smart jewelry to see how powerful the dainty devices can be." Ars Technica 9:25 AM
  • "Everything new you can do with Google Home" The Verge 9:25 AM
  • "8 Reasons to Buy the Google Pixel 2 (and 4 Reasons to Skip)" Tom's Guide 7:45 AM
  • "Help Me Laptop! Should I Buy a New or Refurbished Laptop?" LAPTOP Magazine 7:39 AM
  • "The 10 best phones that still have a headphone jack" [Slideshow] CNET 7:38 AM
  • "In defense of the Amazon Fire Phone" TechCrunch 10/7
  • "Google Pixel 2 Xl Vs. Google Pixel Xl: Is It Worth The Upgrade?" Digital Trends 10/7
  • "Intel's next-generation Coffee Lake chipset gets reviewed" iMore 10/7
  • "The ZED mini could fix Microsoft's biggest Windows Mixed Reality mistake" MSPoweruser 10/7
  • "Could the Google Clips camera be used to spy on you? Google says no." VentureBeat 10/7
  • "How to Recover a Deleted or Unsaved File in Microsoft Word" LAPTOP Magazine 10/7
  • "Analysis: AI is How Google Wins (Premium)" Thurrott 10/7
  • "3 best and worst features of the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL" The Verge 10/7
  • "Snap suddenly has a leg up on Facebook and Google — but it still needs to do 2 things to steal their advertisers" Business Insider 10/7
  • "Will the Microsoft Surface Line End in 2019?" Siusto 10/7
  • "Windows 10 WARNING - Why you need to upgrade to latest Microsoft OS Today" Express UK 10/7
  • "Google: Microsoft Making Windows 7 Easy to Hack Due to Full Focus on Windows 10" Softpedia 10/7
  • "Google: By only patching Windows 10, Microsoft is putting Windows 7 and 8.x users in danger" BetaNews 10/7
  • "Why everyone is so convinced Facebook is spying on their conversations" Mashable 10/7
  • "Here are all the ways Google's new Pixel 2 differs from the original Pixel phone" Business Insider 10/7
  • "The Pixel 2 can automatically switch into do not disturb mode when you're driving" The Verge 10/6
  • "Opinion: Pixel 2 and 2 XL's numerous design discrepancies feel like a weird step back to the Nexus days" 9to5Google 10/6
  • "Michigan's manufacturing past is fueling its tech future" Engadget 10/6
  • "Boeing buys Aurora, an autonomous drone company" Engadget 10/6
  • "This sneaky phishing attack hijacks your chats to spread malware" ZDNet 10/6
  • "Towards a unifying data theory and practice: Combining operations, analytics, and streaming" ZDNet 10/6
  • "New York Comic Con 2017: all the news from the pop culture party for fans" The Verge 10/6
  • "Dell 27" S2718H Monitor Review & A Taste Of FreeSync" The Sixth Axis 10/6
  • "FDA approves first Zika test for blood donations" Engadget 10/6
  • "The cloud computing wars have forgotten the enterprise" InfoWorld 10/6
  • "IT departments and users are out of step on password security" BetaNews 10/6
  • "Core i7-8700K Review: Intel's response to Ryzen is faster and cheaper than ever" PCWorld 10/6
  • "HP Omen 17 (2017) review: You get a lot of gaming laptop for the money" PCWorld 10/6
  • "Hurricane Nate will hit the Gulf Coast this weekend" The Verge 10/6
  • "Bad news for bees: three-quarters of all honey on Earth has pesticides in it" The Verge 10/6
  • "NASA will put humans on the Moon again, Mike Pence tells space council" The Verge 10/6
  • "Here's how to find a learn to code event for EU Code Week" TechCrunch 10/6
  • "Tencent invests $4 million in Indian cab-hailing firm Ola" ZDNet 8:44 PM
  • "SpecialEffect raises $391,470 for gamers with physical disabilities" VentureBeat 10/6
  • "Sourcegraph raises $20M to bring more live collaboration to coding" TechCrunch 10/6
  • "Secret Escapes raises $111 million to grow its luxury holiday marketplace through acquisitions" VentureBeat 10/6
  • "Founders Fund backs Home61, a real estate platform for the middle class" TechCrunch 10/6
Tech Stocks
  • "Dow, S&P 500 end streak of records after jobs report; indexes post weekly gains: Dow, S&P 500 rise for a fourth straight week" MarketWatch 10/6
  • "Jobs Shock Leads Stocks Lower, While Energy Sells Off and Crude Slumps: Stocks are lower on Friday, Oct. 6, after the U.S. nonfarm payrolls report shows its first contraction in seven years." TheStreet 10/6
  • "S&P 500 breaks record run on jobs data, drug chain drop" Reuters 10/6
  • "S&P 500 Slips but Logs Another Weekly Gain: Major indexes, bond prices edge lower after unexpected drop in monthly jobs report" [Paid Membership Required] 10/6
  • "Hang Seng, Nikkei reach multi-year highs as Asian stocks rise: Hong Kong index is up 29% this year" MarketWatch 10/6
  • "European stocks slip with U.S. jobs data in view; Spanish banks resume selloff: Euro falls ahead of nonfarm payrolls report from U.S." MarketWatch 10/6

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InformationWeek (Updated 7:30 AM CDT)
  • "5 Tips for Success: Mother to Daughter, Engineer to Engineer"
New York Times (Updated 7:30 AM CDT)
  • "Instagram's Co-Founders to Step Down From Company: Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, Instagram's co-founders, resigned from the photo app on Monday. Their exits add to the challenges facing Facebook, which owns the app."
  • "How Instagram Rose Into a Cultural Powerhouse
PC Magazine (Updated 7:30 AM CDT)
  • "Smart Devices Are a 'Prime Target' For Cybercriminals"
  • "Target's Game Pre-Order Discount Beats Amazon"
  • "Instagram's Co-Founders Resign"
  • "The Ricoh GR III Is Coming"
Reuters (Updated 7:30 AM CDT)
  • "Facebook not protecting content moderators from mental trauma: lawsuit"
  • "In latest change, Uber launches 24/7 phone support in Britain"
  • "Instagram co-founders resign in latest Facebook executive exit"
  • "Germany's Merkel says EU battery cell production 'extremely important'"
  • "A swipe is not enough: Tinder trials extra control for women"
  • "Tesla is making its own car carriers"
ZDNet (Updated 7:30 AM CDT)
  • "Google search revamp: Expect to see ton of new features on your phone"
  • "Salesforce launches Customer 360, aims to integrate all your data, applications"
  • "FinancialForce pumps Einstein Analytics into latest platform update"
  • "Indestructible EternalBlue: 300,000 computers still infected"
  • "Symantec accountancy audit uncovers customer transaction recorded as revenue"
  • "Man gets two years in prison for sabotaging US Army servers with 'logic bomb'"
  • "Vulnerable open source component adoption skyrockets in the enterprise"
  • "Watch: Wall-crawling robot artist turns building into art"

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