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TechNN Archive: Wednesday, May 9, 2018


General Interest
  • "China's ZTE Ceases Major Operations After U.S. Trade Ban" Bloomberg 9:10 PM
  • "Hackers find 'official,' usable PSP emulator hidden in PS4's PaRappa: Sony threw upscaled textures onto 2007 PSP version for last year's PS4 'remaster'" Ars Technica 6:00 PM
  • "EA: Sony PlayStation 4 Cumulative Sales 2.5 Times Greater Than Xbox One" HotHardware 3:54 PM
  • "LG bets on artificial intelligence for real differentiation" ZDNet 1:19 PM
  • "Amazon Experience Centers will showcase Alexa in the ultimate smart homes" VentureBeat 9:21 AM
  • "How the IoT is keeping traffic moving and the streetlights shining" ZDNet 7:45 AM
  • "Adobe patches critical vulnerabilities in Flash, Creative Cloud" ZDNet 7:44 AM
  • "Firefox 60 adds Yubikey support (and controversially, ads in tabs)" The Next Web 7:43 AM
  • "Most companies not putting adequate investment into application security" BetaNews 7:42 AM
  • "Biologists use artificial intelligence to flesh out 3-D views of a cell's inner workings" GeekWire 7:42 AM
  • "Battling AIs build new Doom levels: Even other machines think that the levels are man-made" V3 7:38 AM
  • "Qualcomm is finally designing new chips for Wear OS smartwatches" The Verge 7:31 AM
  • "Facebook Is Blocking Foreign Ads Relating to Ireland's Abortion Referendum" Time 7:29 AM
  • "Commodore 64 owners rejoice: The 1541 is BACK" The Register 7:20 AM
  • "Google Chrome Update To Mute Annoying Videos Is Breaking Web Games" HotHardware 3:54 PM
  • "Custom Routines rolling out to Google Assistant w/ scheduling coming soon, replaces Shortcuts" 9to5Google 1:58 PM
  • "Google still doesn't let you magically remove objects from photos like it promised" The Verge 12:30 PM
  • "The Coolest Things From Google I/O 2018" PC Magazine 8:21 AM
  • "Google bans abortion poll ads in Ireland" BBC 8:12 AM
  • "Google created a cute augmented reality fox inside Google Maps to help people navigate directions" Business Insider 8:11 AM
  • "Google I/O 2018: The 10 biggest announcements" BGR 7:43 AM
  • "Google's upcoming app for guiding the blind sounds kinda brilliant" The Next Web 7:43 AM
  • "Google: Our new Android P beta shows how AI gives you more battery life" ZDNet 8:34 AM
  • "Android P's Slices and Actions bring smart shortcuts to your fingertips" The Next Web 7:43 AM
  • "Google Goes All In On Artificial Intelligence As 'Google Research' Becomes 'Google AI'" Forbes 7:19 AM
  • "U.S. to reveal winners of drone program that has attracted top companies" Reuters 7:12 AM
  • "Mirai DDoS attack against KrebsOnSecurity cost device owners $300,000" ZDNet 7:08 AM