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TechNN Archive: Sunday, June 10, 2018


  • "Florida Didn't Run FBI Background Checks on Gun Buyers for a Year Because of a Forgotten Login" Gizmodo 6/9
  • "The FCC has officially banned phone companies' worst trick" BGR 6/9
  • "China Hacked a Navy Contractor and Stole 600GB of Data" Gizmodo 6/9
  • "White House says it will release government data to fuel AI research" Mashable 6/8
  • "In a blow to e-voting critics, Brazil suspends use of all paper ballots" Ars Technica 6/8
  • "China's ZTE, Saved by U.S., Has a Checkered Past and Shaky Future" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 6/8
  • "The FCC explicitly bans unauthorized phone bill charges" The Verge 6/8
  • "FCC accused of lying about 2014 and 2017 DDoS attacks" Engadget 6/8