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TechNN Archive: Saturday, August 11, 2018


  • "Wikileaks Served With DNC Lawsuit Over Twitter" Gizmodo 8/10
  • "DHS is worried about our elections, and it's asking hackers for help" Mashable 8/10
  • "Qualcomm settles anti-trust case with Taiwan regulator for $93 million" Reuters 8/10
  • "Law Professor: Progressives Are Regulating Away the Equality-Boosting Benefits of Uber, Airbnb and Google" Time 8/10
  • "Germany removes blanket ban on Nazi imagery in games" Engadget 8/10
  • "French secret service intercepts drone near president's summer home" Engadget 8/10
  • "The most malware infected cities in the US" BetaNews 8/10
  • "Hijack attack aims to grab bank details via routers" BetaNews 8/10
  • "Philippines approval but 'virtual monopolist' concern remains" TechCrunch 8/10