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TechNN Archive: Sunday, September 16, 2018


General Interest
  • "Ransomware attack blacks out screens at Bristol Airport" ZDNet 7:10 PM
  • "Amazon's Official Wireless Gamepad No Longer Supported By Newer Fire TVs" HotHardware 5:09 PM
  • "Amazon's gamepad no longer works with newer Fire TVs: You'll have to do without an official gaming solution." Engadget 7:17 AM
  • "Google brings its AI song recognition to Sound Search: It's much more powerful, too." Engadget 7:01 AM
  • "Twitter now puts live broadcasts at the top of your timeline" TechCrunch 7:01 AM
  • "ChargePoint hopes to operate 2.5 million EV chargers by 2025: It has to deploy over 350,000 chargers a year over the next seven years, though." Engadget 6:57 AM
  • "In one study, Apple Watch Series 4 was near-perfect in flagging healthy vs. irregular heart rates"BGR 9/15
  • "Google's rumored 'Dragonfly' search prototype tied data to phone numbers: The Intercept reported more design details on the censored search engine for China." Engadget 9/15
  • "The Gmail Offline Chrome app will disappear after December 3rd: The new Gmail UI has offline support built-in with PWA." Engadget 9/15
  • "Mary Meeker, author of the Internet Trends Report, is leaving Kleiner Perkins" TechCrunch 9/14
  • "Google changed a battery setting on Android phones by mistake" Engadget 9/14
  • "Google launches search engine exclusively for datasets - Video" ZDNet 9/14
  • "Google's rumored 'Dragonfly' search prototype tied data to phone numbers" Engadget 9/14
  • "Google's prototype Chinese search engine reportedly links searches to phone numbers" The Verge 9/14
  • "Google is killing Fabric in mid-2019, pushes developers to Firebase" VentureBeat 9/14
  • "Google adds fingerprint support to Chrome on Android and Mac in latest beta" The Verge 9/14
  • "Chrome gains fingerprint authentication on Android and Mac" Engadget 9/14
  • "YouTube greenlights documentary on the LGBTQ Pride movement" Engadget 9/14
  • "Amazon will announce the home of its 'HQ2' this year" Engadget 9/14
  • "Amazon's Bezos says Trump should be 'glad' of media scrutiny" VentureBeat 9/14
  • "Stop calling Facebook's effort to fix itself an 'arms race'" The Verge 9/14
  • "Samsung teases new Galaxy event for October 11th" The Verge 9/14
  • "Samsung unveils three new AKG wireless headphones" The Verge 9/14
  • "Nvidia brings one-click overclocking to its graphics cards" The Verge 9/14
  • "Charter bets 10 Gbps wired broadband will fend off 5G wireless threat" VentureBeat 9/14
  • "Verizon and Cradlepoint announce enterprise 5G broadband service" VentureBeat 9/14
  • "CBS now lets All Access users download Star Trek: Discovery for offline viewing on mobile" The Verge 9/14
  • "DC Comics' streaming service launches tomorrow" TechCrunch 9/14
  • "'Assassin's Creed: Odyssey' will head to Switch as a cloud game" Engadget 9/14
  • "Watch the 'Civilization VI' trailer for Nintendo Switch" Engadget 9/14
  • "'PUBG Mobile' update adds Sanhok map and new weapons" Engadget 9/14
  • "Netflix alliance helps filmmakers meet its stringent video demands" Engadget 9/14
  • "SoundHound builds in-car voice assistant for Mercedes-Benz" VentureBeat 9/14
  • "GM, Tesla activate features for owners in Hurricane Florence's path" Engadget 9/14
  • "Scale and nuTonomy release nuScenes, a self-driving dataset with over 1.4 million images" VentureBeat 9/14
  • "Blackmagic's RAW video codec marries quality and speed" Engadget 9/14