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TechNN Archive: Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Computer Industry
  • "Lenovo tops worldwide PC market in flat quarter: Lenovo increases market share, while Apple slides a bit." CNET 6:12 PM
  • "Lenovo retakes the top spot in PC shipments: It's also Microsoft's first time in the charts." Engadget 9:07 PM
  • "Microsoft Becomes a Top 5 PC Maker in the US" Thurrott 7:23 PM
  • "Microsoft open-sources its entire patent portfolio: Microsoft has joined the Open Invention Network, an open-source patent consortium. By so doing, it is offering its entire patent portfolio: royalty free: to all other Open Invention Network members." ZDNet 8:11 AM
  • "Microsoft promises to defend—not attack—Linux with its 60,000 patents: Software giant joins a patent cross-licensing community that protects open source software." Ars Technica 2:43 PM
  • "Microsoft needs to refocus on Windows 10 fundamentals, not just new features/Opinion: Microsoft needs to step off the new feature train, at least temporarily, and get Windows 10's reliability and fundamentals back on track." ZDNet 4:13 PM
  • "Microsoft sends borked Windows 10 October Update back to Insiders: And we should see it soon too" The Inquirer 8:01 AM
  • "Windows 10 1809 bungle: We won't miss early problem reports again, says Microsoft/Microsoft makes changes to its Feedback Hub after failing to notice early reports flagging up data losses caused by the Windows 10 October 2108 Update." ZDNet 8:12 AM
  • "Microsoft fixed the broken Windows 10 October 2018 update that deleted your files" BGR 7:38 AM
  • "Microsoft Says It's Fixed That Windows 10 October Update Bug That Mass-Deleted Entire Directories" Gizmodo 7:38 AM
  • "Windows 10 October 2018 Update build 17763.17 heads to Slow and Release Preview rings" Neowin 7:59 AM
  • "Intel Pits 9th Gen Core CPU against AMD Ryzen" EE Times Asia 7:57 AM
  • "Huawei plans to ditch Intel in favour of its own server chips: The Chinese tech firm wants a bigger slice of the cloud cake" The Inquirer 9:21 AM
  • "Intel's latest processors are for gamers and creators" 9:21 AM
  • "PC makers: Intel CPU shortages are here ... for six months/If it's not one DRAM thing, it's another" The Register 9:21 AM
  • "Is Lenovo's Super Micro Headache a Catalyst for HP? Will fearful American customers replace their Lenovo PCs with HP machines?" The Motley Fool 9:19 AM
  • "IBM files protest against Pentagon cloud contract with one winner" Seeking Alpha 1:41 PM
  • "Nvidia RAPIDS accelerates analytics and machine learning: New open source libraries from Nvidia provide GPU acceleration of data analytics an machine learning. Company claims 50x speed-ups over CPU-only implementations." ZDNet 8:00 AM
General Interest
  • "Nintendo's 'souped-up' NES Zelda loads you with gear for an easier adventure" TechCrunch 4:09 PM
  • "Adobe security update fixes a handful of critical bugs, ignores Flash Player: The light set of updates does not contain a single security patch for Flash, an unusual event for the company." ZDNet 8:00 AM
  • "Amazon scrapped 'sexist AI' tool" BBC 7:38 AM
  • "Dropbox text recognition makes it easier to find images and PDFs: It's limited to Professional, Business Advanced and Enterprise users, though." Engadget 7:38 AM
  • "Amazon expands Whole Foods Market deliveries to several more areas" Neowin 7:58 AM
  • "The Morning After: Here's Google's Pixel 3 family, Home Hub and Slate/Look surprised." Engadget 7:38 AM
  • "You can catch up with the Made by Google 2018 event by watching this four minute recap" Neowin 7:59 AM
  • "Google introduces a new Chromecast, but very, very quietly: Because it's nothing to shout about" The Inquirer 8:01 AM
  • "Google Pixel bets on software, localisation to entice APAC consumers: Available from November 1 in five Asian markets, including Singapore and Taiwan, the latest smartphone release features tighter integration with the vendor's AI-powered apps such as Google Lens Assistant." ZDNet 8:00 AM
  • "Google Pixel 3 Australian pricing: The newly unveiled Google Pixel 3 starts at AU$1,199 from Google, while the XL model is priced from AU$1,349, with telco monthly pricing ranging between AU$84 and AU$199 on Telstra and AU$58 and AU$115 on Optus." ZDNet 8:00 AM
  • "Nintendo Switch Online now includes an easier version of 'Zelda': It's an unexpectedly 'souped-up' take on an old classic." Engadget 7:38 AM
Press Releases
  • "King's College London adopts Nvidia's AI tech to improve NHS radiology services: DGX-2 supercomputer will tackle 3D datasets in 'minutes, rather than days'" The Inquirer 8:00 AM
  • "Dell EMC general manager named businesswoman of the year: Aisling Keegan honoured at 12th Women Mean Business Awards" Tech Central 8:49 AM
  • "Microsoft's Hiding its Productivity Future Behind A Game Streaming Service" Petri IT Knowledgebase 12:19 PM
  • "Microsoft's new Battery Limit: Surface 50% charge cap aims to give longer battery life/Microsoft adds new feature that may extend life of Surface devices' batteries when they're constantly plugged in." ZDNet 8:12 AM
  • "Google appeals against €4.3bn Android fine" BBC 7:37 AM
  • "Dark Web vendor with totally amazing beard sentenced to 20 years in prison: 'I know he's regretting everything, and I know he'll never make the same mistake!'" Ars Technica 7:37 AM
  • "The cheapest cloud storage options in 2018, both free and paid-for" Expert Reviews 10:39 AM
  • "Google Pixel 3 hands-on—Not the best first impression: If the Pixel 3 succeeds, it will be in spite of its hardware design." Ars Technica 9:20 AM
  • "Machine or Human? How We're Reallocating Work: In the emerging, AI-powered workplace, there's plenty of work to be done, some suited for machines and some suited for humans." InformationWeek 8:12 AM
  • "10 reasons the Galaxy Note 9 is better than the Google Pixel 3 XL for business: Google revealed the Pixel 3 XL yesterday and while it is the best from Google, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 offers more for the enterprise." ZDNet 8:12 AM
  • "Google Pixel 3 hands-on review: Shaping up to be a solid slice of pure Android hardware" The Inquirer 8:01 AM
  • "Turbulence, the oldest unsolved problem in physics: The flow of water through a pipe is still in many ways an unsolved problem." Ars Technica 7:37 AM
  • "Gogoprint raises $7.7M to expand its online printing business in Asia Pacific" TechCrunch 8:31 PM
  • "Exclusive: Mitek rebuffs Elliott-backed ASG's takeover approach - sources" Reuters 7:27 PM
  • "Boeing leads $3M round to boost Accion Systems' electric space propulsion system" GeekWire 2:43 PM
Tech Stocks
  • "Stocks close sharply lower as Dow sinks over 800 points in worst day since February: S&P 500 logs longest losing streak in 2 years, Nasdaq posts biggest drop for 2018" MarketWatch 4:26 PM
  • "Dow drops 800 points, led by tech shares, as stock market investors fear higher rates" USA Today 4:26 PM
  • "Dow Ends Off More Than 800 Points, Nasdaq Loses 4%: Stocks crumble Wednesday as fears of higher rates sent Wall Street to its worst day since February." TheStreet 4:26 PM
  • "Dow tumbles more than 800 points as Treasury yields tick higher" FOXBusiness 4:27 PM
  • "U.S. Stocks Slip, Dragged Lower by Materials Sector: Investors pull back from the sector on concerns of rising costs and slowing global growth" [Paid Membership Required] 4:27 PM
  • "Hong Kong's Hang Seng stock index manages first win of October: Japan, mainland China post mild gains after mixed session" MarketWatch 8:14 AM
  • "European stocks move lower; luxury stocks feel pressure" MarketWatch 8:15 AM

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InformationWeek (Updated 3:00 PM CDT)
  • "Insecure Home IoT Devices a Clear and Present Danger to Corporate Security"
  • "How to Land a Job in Cloud Computing"
  • "GDPR One Year Later: Was the Hype Worth It?"
New York Times (Updated 3:00 PM CDT)
  • "F.T.C. Said to Be Investigating YouTube Over Child Privacy Claims"
  • "Slack Wants to Replace Email. Is That What We Want?"
  • "Hypersonic Missiles Are Unstoppable. And They're Starting a New Global Arms Race."
PC Magazine (Updated 3:00 PM CDT)
  • "Bill Demands Facebook, Twitter Be Vetted for Political Bias"
  • "Deals: Anker Accessories, Overpowered Gaming Desktop"
  • "The Real Reason I Don't Have a Security Camera"
  • "1,000 Best Buy Stores Can Repair Your Apple Device"
  • "Amazon Launching New Kindle Oasis eReader July 24"
  • "Facebook's Libra Cryptocurrency: Your Biggest Questions Answered"
  • "Intel's New Tool Overclocks 9th-Gen Chips With a Mouse Click"
  • "Can Anything Protect Us From Deepfakes?"
  • "Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Everything We Know So Far"
  • "Amazon Buys Bebo to Expand Twitch's eSports Platform"
Reuters (Updated 3:00 PM CDT)
  • "Senate panel to examine Facebook digital currency project"
  • "U.S. video streaming app YouNow files cryptocurrency offering with SEC"
  • "Activists urge Google to break up before regulators force it to"
  • "Apple explores moving 15-30% of production capacity from China: Nikkei"
  • "SmartRent funding heralds new wave in 'smart home' market"
  • "IBM to win unconditional EU okay for $34 billion Red Hat deal: sources"
  • "Oil group Total hopes new supercomputer will help it find oil faster and more cheaply"
  • "Apple says iPhones can now be fixed at all U.S. Best Buy stores"
  • "China's Geely picks Swedish software firm for driverless cars"
  • "Beijing mega-airport to use Israeli runway protection system"
ZDNet (Updated 3:00 PM CDT)
  • "iOS 13: A stronger battery, subscription reminders, and other features"
  • "IPVanish review: VPN delivers a wealth of options and browsing controls"
  • "Brazil ignores US pressure to reject Huawei"
  • "Open Invention Network, the Linux-based patent non-aggression community, exceeds 3,000 licensees"
  • "Can Microsoft's mixed reality tech propel Airbus' plane manufacturing?"
  • "Financial services sector in need of a technology modernization"
  • "Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 10 on Aug. 7: Report"
  • "Tech news roundup: HPE Discover 2019, Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency, and Google Cloud's debacle"

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