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TechNN Archive: Friday, January 4, 2019


Computer Industry
  • "Microsoft is quietly testing a project that aims to hand people complete control over their online data" Business Insider 8:03 AM
  • "Microsoft tests project to hand people control over their online data" Telegraph 9:16 AM
  • "On the eve of CES 2019, the prospects for a post-Windows world" ZDNet 7:40 AM
  • "Microsoft Is One Step Closer to Killing the Password For Good" LAPTOP Magazine 8:58 PM
  • "Dell announces Latitude 7400 with 24-hour battery" ZDNet 9:55 AM
  • "Dell's Latitude 7400 2-in-1 laptop senses your presence and wakes itself" VentureBeat 9:16 AM
  • "Dell Patents the Weirdest Laptop You Have Ever Seen" LAPTOP Magazine 8:10 AM
  • "Is Dell planning to make a laptop with two detachable displays?" TechRadar UK 8:55 AM
  • "L.A. is suing IBM for illegally gathering and selling user data through its Weather Channel app" Los Angeles Times [Paid Membership Required] 5:57 PM
  • "City of LA sues Weather Channel app for sharing location data with advertisers: IBM-owned app maker accused of sharing user location data with affiliates of its parent company and other advertisers, but also hiding the practice in a 10,000-long privacy policy." ZDNet 6:44 PM
  • "Stormy times ahead for IBM-owned Weather Channel app: LA sues over location data slurp" The Register 3:20 PM
  • "IBM continues to thin its software portfolio with the sale of its declining mortgage services product" Business Insider 1:48 PM
  • "Intel Xeon Scalable and Optane: Transforming the data centre" IT PRO (UK) 8:54 AM
  • "Bank of America upgrades Intel: It can ride out a chip slowdown and its shares are cheap" CNBC 8:54 AM
  • "Intel, non-profits aim to use AI-enabled camera to curb poaching - Video" ZDNet 7:39 AM
  • "New Utility Can Double AMD Threadripper 2990WX Performance" ExtremeTech 8:54 AM
  • "Investigating NVIDIA's Jetson AGX: A Look at Tegra Xavier and Its Carmel Cores" AnandTech 10:33 AM
  • "Oracle Challenges Amazon over $10 Billion Pentagon Contract" IT Toolbox 8:56 AM
  • "Cisco's $660 million Luxtera acquisition to broaden 100 and 400GbE optics offering" Fibre Systems 8:57 AM
General Interest
  • "Altogether, more than 1 billion people had their data compromised in 2018" BGR 7:21 PM
  • "Most home routers don't take advantage of Linux's improved security features: Router firmware rarely includes ASLR, DEP, or RELRO protections, study finds." ZDNet 5:20 PM
  • "Exclusive: Amazon says 100 million Alexa devices have been sold" The Verge 3:20 PM
  • "2019: The continuing rise of tech worker power" ZDNet 1:48 PM
  • "Artificial intelligence may compensate for the opaqueness of supply chains" ZDNet 10:48 AM
  • "The NFL wants Alexa to be your playoff watching companion" Engadget 8:11 AM
  • "Xiaomi rumored to be working on a triple-fold phone" The Next Web 8:02 AM
  • "Samsung insider teases 'gorgeous' Galaxy S10 finishes like nothing we've ever seen before" BGR 8:02 AM
  • "Screen time might not be so harmful or toxic for kids, experts say" Mashable 8:01 AM
  • "'No Lackin' challenge tragedy leads to teen's death, charges" New York Post 7:50 AM
  • "Longtime Google engineer known for speaking out about sexual harassment and controversial projects is leaving" Business Insider 1:48 PM
  • "Google's Fuchsia OS Will Be Able to Run Android Apps" Thurrott 8:01 AM
  • "Google's Project Soli radar is sensitive enough to count sheets of paper and read Lego bricks" The Verge 7:48 AM
  • "Smartphone Addiction Affects Teens and Parents Alike" PC Magazine 7:41 AM
Press Releases
  • "IBM CEO Ginni Rometty Delivers Opening Keynote at CES 2019 on What's Next in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Quantum Computing" PRNewswire 7:53 AM
  • "This redesigned Windows 10 Start menu is a big improvement" BetaNews 8:57 PM
  • "You can now try out Firefox nightlies made for Windows on ARM" Neowin 8:56 PM
  • "Windows 10 Setup is Still Too Incomplete" Thurrott 9:23 AM
  • "Microsoft tests Project Bali, a privacy-focused tool to control personal data collection" BetaNews 8:11 AM
  • "Microsoft releases Windows 10 19H1 Build 18309" BetaNews 8:11 AM
  • "Windows 10 Setup Will Soon Get Way Less Annoying" LAPTOP Magazine 8:10 AM
  • "Microsoft Starts Hitting Mute on Cortana's Annoying Windows 10 Setup Voiceover" Gizmodo 10:26 AM
  • "Microsoft to silence Cortana during Windows 10 setup" The Verge 7:48 AM
  • "Bipartisan bill unveiled in Senate to stop China tech threats" Reuters 10:26 AM
  • "LA sues Weather Channel app owner over 'fraudulent' data use" Engadget 9:34 AM
  • "FCC Shuts Down, Ajit Pai Jokes He'll Still Police Naughty Language on TV" Motherboard 9:16 AM
  • "Qualcomm vs. the FTC: Everything you need to know/The FTC's antitrust lawsuit could decide how smartphones get made in the future." CNET 8:33 AM
  • "Hackers Leak Details of German Lawmakers, Except Those on Far Right" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 8:18 AM
  • "German government network not affected by hacking incident: Bild" Reuters 7:40 AM
  • "What Net Neutrality In California Could Mean For Facebook, Google And Apple" Forbes 7:36 AM
  • "FlexPai: Hands-on with the first bendy phone" BBC 6:44 PM
  • "HP EliteBook 1050 G1 review: Brilliant, but not perfect" Expert Reviews 2:24 PM
  • "Alienware m15 Gaming Laptop Review: Thin, Light, Dense, Deadly" HotHardware 11:37 AM
  • "Nvidia DGX-2 review: More AI bang, for a lot more bucks" ZDNet 10:48 AM
  • "It's a Linux-powered car world" ZDNet 10:48 AM
  • "We got 6 big predictions about how Amazon could disrupt healthcare from execs in the tech giant's backyard" Business Insider 8:59 AM
  • "Dell Latitude 7400 2-in-1 Hands-on: The ThinkPad Killer Is Here" LAPTOP Magazine 8:10 AM
  • "How to know if a bot has sent an email from your account" BBC 7:50 AM
  • "Moesif raises $3.5M seed round to provide insight into API usage" TechCrunch 8:59 AM
  • "Nexon founder hints at plan to sell his $9B majority share in gaming giant" TechCrunch 7:53 AM
Tech Stocks
  • "Dow closes more than 700 points higher as investors cheer jobs data, Powell comments: Job growth beat estimates; unemployment rate rose as labor force expands" MarketWatch 5:22 PM
  • "Dow surges 746 points on Fed chair remarks, jobs blowout" FOXBusiness 5:22 PM
  • "Markets Right Now: Stocks soar, erasing Thursday's plunge" Associated Press 5:21 PM
  • "U.S. Stocks Surge on Powell Remarks, Jobs Report: Dow jumps nearly 750 points as better-than-expected hiring suggests a healthy labor market" [Paid Membership Required] 5:21 PM
  • "Nikkei tumbles while markets in China, Hong Kong rebound: Asian Tech Stocks continue Apple-inspired selloff" MarketWatch 8:51 AM
  • "European markets bounce day after Apple-triggered turmoil: Italy's FTSE MIB leads gains" MarketWatch 8:51 AM

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InformationWeek (Checked 9:50 PM CDT; no changes since Friday)
  • "Smart Cities NY: A Mix of Civics, Big Data, Security"
  • "The Basics of CI/CD for Data Science and Machine Learning"
  • "Enterprise Leadership in the Digital Age"
New York Times (Updated 9:50 PM CDT)
  • "Social Media Pollution, a Huge Problem in the Last Election, Could Be Worse in 2020"
  • "Tech Jobs Lead to the Middle Class. Just Not for the Masses"
PC Magazine (Checked 9:50 PM CDT; no changes since Friday)
  • "This AI Can Recreate Podcast Host Joe Rogan's Voice To Say Anything"
  • "Hands On With the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G's Live Focus Video"
  • "Snag a Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop for $599.99 With This Coupon Code"
  • "Spotify Tests Voice-Controlled Device for Cars"
  • "Race to 5G: May Update"
  • "Your Old CRT TV May Have Found a New Life in LA"
  • "Slack Patches Windows App Bug That Could've Been Used for Spying"
  • "What to Stream This Weekend"
  • "The Doctor Is In (Your Phone): 7 Online Therapy Services to Try"
  • "Minecraft Earth Is an Augmented Reality Game for iOS, Android" ...
Reuters (Updated 9:50 PM CDT)
  • "Exclusive: Google suspends some business with Huawei after Trump blacklist - source"
  • "U.S. intellectual property complaints a 'political tool': China state media"
  • "Basketball: Blazers' Lillard left in limbo by Warriors' wall of defense"
ZDNet (Updated 9:50 PM CDT)
  • "Add a recovery phone number to block automated hijack attempts: Google"
  • "Dell Technologies World attendees promoting STEM education in Las Vegas"
  • "Melbourne students are guinea pigs for NEC's facial recognition fraud tech"
  • "Don't forget about embedded devices in your Windows 7 migration plans"
  • "Google pulls Huawei's Android support following Trump blacklist, claims report"
  • "Company behind LeakedSource pleads guilty in Canada"
  • "Apple lied to me about the MacBook Air and now we have a problem"

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