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Monday's Top 20 Headlines
  • "Amazon updates the Fire HD 10 with a faster processor and USB-C" The Verge 8:28 AM
  • "AMD's Radeon RX 5500 is its new entry-level competitor to Nvidia's GTX 1650" The Verge 8:28 AM
  • "Windows patch causes more pain: Start Menu, boot and printer problems surface" ZDNet 7:39 AM
  • "AMD's entry-level Radeon RX 5500 is headed to desktops... and laptops" Engadget 8:29 AM
  • "Intel-AMD Price War Begins with Cascade Lake-X Launch" Market Realist 4:41 PM
  • "The forgotten pioneers of computer animation" Engadget 8:29 AM
  • "EU antitrust chief signals further clampdown on US tech" Financial Times 8:02 AM
  • "Intel's workstation X-series chips are a bit faster and much cheaper" Engadget 8:29 AM
  • "New petition implores Microsoft to make foldable Surface Duo a true Windows phone" GeekWire 8:40 AM
  • "Linus Torvalds isn't worried about Microsoft taking over Linux: And you shouldn't be either. Every company wants to rule Linux: none of them can or ever will." ZDNet 9:09 AM
  • "AMD Rumored to Launch Midrange RX 5500 GPUs Today" Market Realist 9:49 AM
  • "FBI warns about attacks that bypass multi-factor authentication (MFA)" ZDNet 10:17 AM
  • "Ritesh Agarwal to invest $700M in Oyo's new $1.5B financing round" TechCrunch 8:25 AM
  • "Intel Xeon W-2200 Family: Cascade Lake-X with ECC and 1TB Support" AnandTech 8:35 AM
  • "Data breach at Russian ISP impacts 8.7 million customers" ZDNet 4:08 PM
  • "The Engadget Podcast: Is Microsoft making better PCs than Apple?" Engadget 1:39 PM
  • "AMD's Radeon RX 5500 graphics card brings Navi to the masses with 'next level 1080p gaming'" PCWorld 8:19 AM
  • "Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says stopping the firm's controversial research in China would hurt" Business Insider 8:18 AM
  • "Intel slashes prices of 9th-gen desktop 'F' chips without integrated graphics by up to 20 percent" PCWorld 8:19 AM
  • "How To Overclock Raspberry Pi 4 Over 2GHz For A Tasty Speed Bump" HotHardware 12:56 PM