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Saturday's Top 20 Headlines
  • "Proof-of-concept code published for Citrix bug as attacks intensify" ZDNet 8:42 AM
  • "Microsoft contractors reviewed Skype, Cortana audio with 'no security measures'" Digital Trends 9:04 PM
  • "CES 2020: In pictures/Engadget's CES experience, told exclusively through photographs." Engadget 9:14 AM
  • "Windows 10 settings: When to fix and tweak, when to leave your PC alone" ZDNet 2:45 PM
  • "'Techlash' Hits College Campuses: Facebook, Google and other major tech firms were every student's dream workplaces. Until they weren't." New York Times 8:08 AM
  • "Microsoft explains how a new walkie-talkie mode in its Teams chat app is part of a strategy to help companies modernize and get ahead in the cloud wars"" ["BI Prime"] Business Insider 8:37 AM
  • "'Why I Finally Switched from Chrome to Firefox - and You Should Too'" Slashdot 8:08 PM
  • "CES 2020 in Photos: Living in a Material World /WIRED photographer Amy Lombard captures the glory, chaos, and optimism of the consumer tech extravaganza." Wired 8:04 AM
  • "Samsung's Neon AI has an ethics problem, and it's as old as sci-fi canon" CNET 8:29 AM
  • "Microsoft Accused Of Sharing Skype, Cortana Audio With Little Vetting Of Chinese Contractors, No Security" HotHardware 4:57 PM
  • "Microsoft's 'No Xbox Series X Exclusives' Philosophy Is Not As Wild As It Sounds" Forbes 8:10 AM
  • "If AI Suddenly Gains Consciousness, Some Say It Will Happen First In AI Self-Driving Cars" Forbes 1:04 PM
  • "CES: The Coolest AI (Artificial Intelligence) Announcements" Forbes 11:52 AM
  • "Privacy Rights Groups' Open Letter Implores Google To Cleanse Android Of Exploitative Bloatware" HotHardware 4:57 PM
  • "This concept Android Auto app uses nearby phones to detect pedestrians" 9to5Google 1:04 PM
  • "Google pushed to take action against Android bloatware by 50+ organizations" 9to5Google 1:06 PM
  • "Microsoft's surging cloud business Azure should terrify Amazon: analyst" Yahoo Finance 1:00 PM
  • "Sex tech dominated CES 2020. Will the fragile relationship blossom or die on the vine?" Mashable 8:43 AM
  • "Here's what it's like to work as a white hat hacker who legally hacks into companies like Uber, Starbucks, and Atlassian"" ["BI Prime"] Business Insider 8:39 AM