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Monday, April 24, 2017
Checked 6:05 AM; Last Updated 9:10 PM CDT; 02:10 GMT
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Tech Stocks

Computer Industry
  • "Microsoft Is Dropping Passwords...And Other Small Business Tech News This Week" Forbes 8:27 AM
  • "Windows 10 Mail and Calendar apps get Gmail support for advanced features" SlashGear 12:37 PM
  • "Microsoft announces moves to downgrade boxed Office offering" MSPoweruser 2:20 PM
  • "Microsoft reportedly commissioning innovative G-Hold holder for Surface tablets" MSPoweruser 6:45 PM
  • "Latest Office Insiders update on the Slow Ring on Windows gets some great new features" MSPoweruser 6:48 PM
  • "Microsoft wants to simplify IoT for partners and customers with IoT Central" CRN 9:12 PM
  • "The smartphone is eventually going to die — this is Mark Zuckerberg's crazy vision for what comes next" Business Insider 8:26 AM
  • "IBM Introduces New Cognitive-Powered Cloud Offering for Marketers" PRNewswire 9:10 PM
  • "IBM Celebrates An Awkward Anniversary: 2 Decades Of Declining Revenue" Benzinga 3:53 PM
  • "Google Cloud Boss Diane Greene Wants To Be Ahead Of Amazon By 2022" Forbes 9:10 PM
  • "This Google data center is caught up in a local 'water war'" Mashable 10:23 AM
  • "Microsoft Windows 10 Cloud Details, Cloudbooks Could Be A Thing Of The Future" SegmentNext 4/22
  • "Is Microsoft About to Target Chromebooks? Leaked Spec Sheet Shows That It Certainly Is" WCCFTech 4/22
  • "Windows 10 Cloud specs leak alongside details of Chromebook rival" SlashGear 4/22
  • "IBM Should Buy Some Damn Revenue" Forbes 4/22
  • "Microsoft to Improve Gmail Support in Mail and Calendar for Windows 10" Thurrott 4/22
  • "The Windows 10 Mail app now works better with Gmail" TechRadar UK 4/22
  • "Google And Samsung Aim To Make Sweet Music On The Galaxy S8 And S8+" Forbes 4/22
  • "Satya Nadella says Microsoft embraces failure" MSPoweruser 4/22
  • "Microsoft India extends paternity leave from two weeks to six weeks" 4/22
  • "Microsoft employees get 4-week paid leave under new paternal leave policy" Business Standard 4/22
  • "IBM Cloud Executive to Present at Open Networking User Group Spring 2017 Event" PR Newswire 4/22
  • "We sat down with Microsoft's CEO to discuss the past, present and future of the company" Business Insider 4/21
  • "Microsoft has a plan to beat Chromebooks at their own game" Engadget 4/21
  • "Leaked document shows Microsoft is about to take on Chromebooks" The Verge 4/21
  • "Microsoft may be about to take on Google Chromebooks, reports say" FOXNews 4/21
  • "Microsoft's Competitive Chromebook In Education Threat Leaks, Windows 10 ARM Laptops Arrive Q4" HotHardware 4/21
  • "The New Windows 10 Release Schedule is a Win For Us All (Premium)" Thurrott 4/21
  • "Microsoft To Release Feature Updates To Windows 10 And Office Twice A Year" Tech Times 4/21
  • "Microsoft commits to biannual Windows feature updates" bit-tech 4/21
  • "Microsoft to Release Two Major Windows 10 Updates Every Year" Softpedia 4/21
  • "Microsoft, AWS and Google may have just started the next cloud computing price war" ZDNet 4/21
  • "Microsoft launches 'IoT-as-a-service' offering for enterprises" ZDNet 4/21
  • "IBM: It Will Restart All Over Again With The Small Things" Seeking Alpha 4/21
  • "HP Brings VR to its Workstations in G4 ZBook Lineup" LAPTOP Magazine 4/21
  • "HP unveils four new laptops designed for those who need power on the go" Neowin 4/21
  • "HP wins PC beauty parade to become RM Recommends partner" CRN UK 4/21
  • "HP's new Zbook laptops crushes Apple's ancient Mac Pro on features" PCWorld 4/21
  • "Dell showcases UltraSharp 27 4K HDR Monitor with HDR10 display" Hexus 4/21
  • "Dell's New 4K UltraSharp UP2718Q Supports the HDR10 Standard" VR Zone 4/21
  • "Dell's first HDR display is aimed squarely at video editors" Engadget 4/21
  • "Dell flips its lid to create the XPS 13 2-in-1 [Review] BetaNews 4/21
  • "Dell UltraSharp 27 4K HDR Monitors (UP2718Q)" Guru3D 4/21
  • "Intel launches a slightly faster Core M3 Kaby Lake CPU (and a new 4.5 watt Core i5 chip too)" Liliputing 4/21
  • "Intel Core X series processor family and X299 chipset Announced at Computex May 30th" Guru3D 4/21
  • "OpenStack cloud deployments up, as Intel scales back" Tech Central 4/21
  • "Intel could launch Coffee Lake processors as early as August" PC Retail 4/21
  • "Intel To Unwrap Coffee Lake, Basin Falls Earlier Than Planned Due To AMD Ryzen" Tech Times 4/21
  • "The AMD Effect might be back—and that's a good thing" Network World 4/21
  • "Recode Daily: Facebook seeks a fake-news czar and Oracle buys an $850 million Moat" Recode 4/21
  • "Oracle shells out a Moat load of cash for online ad auditor" Telecoms 4/21
  • "Amazon wrestles Oracle in handbags at dawn duel" Channel Eye 4/21
  • "Docker Store getting Oracle's databases, middleware and dev tools" ITProPortal 4/21
  • "NRG completes California solar farm for tech king Cisco" PV Tech 4/21
General Interest
  • "Netflix's content chief said something about its 'originals' that should make investors optimistic about the future" Business Insider 12:34 PM
  • "WikiLeaks Exposes 'Weeping Angel' CIA Tool That Spies On Samsung Smart Televisions" HotHardware 4/22
  • "We Spoke To Bill Gates On Saving 400 Million People From Disease: 'All Life Has Equal Value'" IFL Science 4/22
  • "Google takes down from Play Store a fake 'System Update' app" Canadian Reviewer 4/22
  • "How Google Earth Helped Jane Goodall Save A Generation Of Chimpanzees" Digital Trends 4/22
  • "10 Useful Chrome New Tab Extensions To Keep You Inspired" Forbes 4/22
  • "Amazon to open three new fulfillment centers in New Jersey, creating 2,500 full-time jobs" Neowin 4/21
  • "New partnership makes Google Play Music the default on all Samsung devices, with double the storage capacity" TechCrunch 4/21
  • "Form an orderly queue! Google wants your blood (and other bodily fluids). Oh and your medical records" TechCrunch 4/21
  • "Google: Requests for users' data have soared, so we need new cross-border rules" ZDNet 4/21
  • "Five to Try: Google Earth goes 3D, and Guardians of the Galaxy gets interactive" Greenbot 4/21
  • "Google wants to teach teenagers how to use the internet with special workshops" BetaNews 4/21
  • "YouTube to school U.K. kids on how to combat fake news, echo chambers, and hate speech" VentureBeat 4/21
  • "Got Alexa? 12 devices that extend its reach" Computerworld 4/21
  • "Choose from Alexa or Google Assistant in your new Mercedes" Engadget 4/21
  • "'Millions' in enterprises expected to buy Galaxy S8" Computerworld 4/21
  • "Samsung's Galaxy S8 has a big design flaw" ZDNet 4/21
  • "Poll: Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus?" The Verge 4/21
  • "Samsung's Galaxy S8 is now on sale in the U.S., Canada and Korea with more launches to come" TechCrunch 4/21
  • "Twitch opens up its money-making tools to tens of thousands of non-Partnered channels" TechCrunch 4/21
  • "Bose faces privacy lawsuit over headphones that share listening habits with third parties" BetaNews 4/21
  • "Tesla's app now reflects the company's move beyond cars" Engadget 4/21
  • "Elon Musk expects to have a brain-machine interface in four years" Engadget 4/21
  • "Elon Musk's Neuralink wants to turn cloud-based AI into an extension of our brains" TechCrunch 4/21
  • "Netflix rival Iflix reveals its first original content series for emerging markets" TechCrunch 4/21
  • "Snap reportedly buys geofilter patent that could protect it against Facebook" The Verge 4/21
  • "Smart card Plastc goes under despite $9 million in preorders" Engadget 4/21
Press Releases
  • "Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management Kerala and IBM India Develop Real-Time Water Quality Measurement System on IBM Watson IoT Platform" PRNewswire 4/21
  • "NewsNow: IBM headlines | Every Source, Every Five Minutes, 24/7 news" PR Newswire 4/21
  • "Windows 10 Mobile Store updated for with UI improvements for games" MSPoweruser 4/22
  • "Microsoft Xbox One games milestone celebrated as Sony confirm PlayStation 4 May releases" Express UK 4/22
  • "For Earth Day, Microsoft outlines its efforts to create smarter, more efficient cities" Neowin 4/22
  • "Microsoft has a plan to beat Chromebooks at their own game" Engadget 4/21
  • "How to create a single-column Start menu in the Windows 10 Creators Update" PCWorld 4/21
  • "Microsoft Bing improves its copyright removals process" MSPoweruser 4/21
  • "Qualcomm confirms ARM-based Windows 10 devices for Q4 | Pocketnow" Pocketnow 4/21
  • "ARM-powered Windows 10 PCs to be launched by the end of the year" V3 4/21
  • "Window 10 Creators Update - Microsoft reveals more new features are coming soon" Express UK 4/21
  • "How To Get Spotlessly Clean Windows" Forbes 4/21
  • "Ultra-mobile Windows 10 PCs built with smartphone processors coming this year" TechRadar UK 4/21
  • "WINDOWS: How to 1-Click Reinstall Windows 10 Without Losing Personal Data" MakeUseOf 4/21
  • "You Can Now Wake Up Microsoft's PC by Simply Screaming at It" Softpedia 4/21
  • "Microsoft buying Wunderlist developer could seriously bolster its apps" Alphr 4/21
  • "Microsoft Joins Google in Efforts to Create Built-in Browser Ad Blocker" Softpedia 4/21
  • "Microsoft Aligns Windows and Office Feature Releases" Softpedia 4/21
  • "The 16 best free PC games" PCWorld 4/21
  • "Microsoft's ARM-powered laptops won't arrive until Q4" The Verge 4/21
  • "Windows 10: Ultralight PCs based on ARM smartphone chips set for Q4, says Qualcomm" ZDNet 4/21
  • "Russian man gets longest-ever US hacking sentence, 27 years in prison: Roman Seleznev bankrupted businesses, did $170 million in damage." Ars Technica 4/21
  • "Microsoft might be replacing Albums with Stories in the Windows 10 Photos app" MSPoweruser 10:27 AM
  • "PC Fan Noise Driving You Nuts? Here's How To Silence It" Digital Trends 10:23 AM
  • "Microsoft has done Edu Cloud before (and that may mean Cloudbooks will disappoint)" MSPoweruser 8:36 AM
  • "How to turn on 'Undo Send' in Gmail" Mashable 4/22
  • "Galaxy S8 Review: Samsung Spoils Perfection" Forbes 4/22
  • "An existential threat looms behind Mark Zuckerberg's quest to kill the smartphone" Business Insider 4/22
  • "Want to Stop Facebook Violence? You Won't Like the Choices" Wired 4/22
  • "OK, Google, let's put the new voice ID everywhere" Computerworld 4/22
  • "Surface Pro 5 Rumors - New Release Date and Price" DailyTech 4/22
  • "Doogee Shoot 2 review: An affordable entry-level phone, but not for the enterprise" ZDNet 4/21
  • "Why Does Every Car Infotainment System Look So Crappy?" Lifehacker 4/21
  • "Surprise! Your online banking password might not be as secure as you thought" ZDNet 4/21
  • "Machine intelligence is the future of monetization for Facebook" TechCrunch 4/21
  • "5 GHz Wi-Fi is better, so why aren't we letting go of 2.4 GHz?" BetaNews 4/21
  • "Blockchain: Overhyped buzzword or real-deal enterprise solution?" Computerworld 4/21
  • "Can mobile phones give you a brain tumor? An Italian court just ruled yes." VentureBeat 4/21
  • "France has a fake news problem, but it's not as bad as the US" The Verge 4/21
  • "The Power of Networks, book review: Life-changing connections" ZDNet 4/21
  • "How big data from pipeline pigs can root out gas maintenance risks" ZDNet 4/21
  • "Free hacking tools start teens on path to cybercrime" ZDNet 4/21
  • "KKR, INCJ plan joint bid for Toshiba's chip unit: Nikkei" Reuters 4/21
  • "New global fund to raise $300 million for digital currency investments" Reuters 4/21
  • "Quora raises $85 million to expand internationally and develop its ads business" VentureBeat 4/21
Tech Stocks
  • "Stock market closes lower, but trims losses as Trump pledges tax-cut plan next week: Main equity benchmarks see weekly gains" MarketWatch 4/21
  • "Wall Street Ends Lower as Crude Slumps, French Election Looms" TheStreet 4/21
  • "Investors See Opportunity in Europe as Doubts Grow Over U.S. Growth, Fiscal Policy" FOXBusiness 4/21
  • "U.S. Stocks Show Gain for Week, Helped by Earnings Reports: Dow edges lower Friday, weighed down by energy sector as oil prices extend losses" [Paid Membership Required] 4/21
  • "Led by Nikkei, Asian markets build on overnight gains: Stock markets across Asia were higher early Friday, catching an updraft from overnight gains in the U.S. as investors positioned themselves ahead of the start of the French presidential election." MarketWatch 4/21
  • "French stocks end lower after Paris attack fuels election uncertainty: French stocks closed lower Friday after a suspected terror attack in Paris just ahead of the country's presidential election vote, helping to leave the regional equity benchmark with a loss for the week." MarketWatch 4/21

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InformationWeek (Checked 9:15 PM CDT; no changes since Friday)
  • "Why IT is in Jeopardy"
New York Times (Checked 9:15 PM; no changes since 8:40 AM CDT)
  • "DNA Tests, and Sometimes Surprising Results"
PC Magazine (Checked 9:15 PM CDT; no changes since Saturday)
  • "Don't Just Watch Tribeca Film Festival Movies, Jump In"
Reuters (Updated 9:15 PM CDT)
  • "German cyber crime rose 80 percent in 2016: report"
ZDNet (Updated 9:15 PM CDT)
  • "NSW government releases Sydney public transport dataset"
  • "SK Hynix develops next-generation graphic memory"
  • "Labor calls for delay of GST collection on low-value imports"
  • "Husqvarna launches Chainsaw-as-a-Service"
  • "Voice biometrics could curb fraud under new payments platform: Nuance"
  • "The death of the smartphone is closer than you think. Here's what comes next"
  • "All about the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus (MobileTechRoundup show #396)"
  • "McKinsey: AI, jobs, and workforce automation"

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