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Monday, June 18, 2018
Checked 2:05 AM; Last Updated 9:10 PM CDT; 02:10 GMT
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Tech Stocks

Computer Industry
  • "Microsoft Is Fixing Office, But Not Fast Enough: all steps in the right direction, but not far enough" [Paid Membership Required] 7:23 PM
  • "Amazon, Microsoft, Uber donate to oppose the California Consumer Privacy Act" Digital Trends 11:38 AM
  • "Facebook Will Ban Some Businesses From Advertising...And Other Small Business Tech News This Week" Forbes 8:34 AM
  • "Former Google and Instagram engineers got millions to take TV into the future: Here's what it looks like" Business Insider 8:35 AM
  • "IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and Others Are Plunging Into 'Blockchain-as-a-Service'" TheStreet 6/16
  • "Amazon and Microsoft back campaign against California privacy act" Engadget 6/16
  • "Microsoft introduces mixed reality as a service" Forbes 6/16
  • "Microsoft Attempts a Submersible Cloud" Barron's 6/16
  • "Facebook's new AI research is a real eye-opener" TechCrunch 6/16
  • "Microsoft takes aim at Amazon with push for checkout-free retail outlets" Times of Malta 6/15
  • "Amazon, Microsoft, and Uber are paying big money to kill a California privacy initiative" The Verge 6/15
  • "Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Redstone 5 (Fall 2018) Build 17692" Softpedia 6/15
  • "Microsoft and Sony's Rumored Game Console Plans Bode Well for AMD: Recent reports indicate new Xbox and PlayStation consoles will arrive in 2020. Analyst estimates for AMD don't seem to account for their impact." TheStreet 6/15
  • "Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset to use Qualcomm's XR1 VR chip" Pocket-lint 6/15
  • "E3 2018: Microsoft Has No Plans To Bring Virtual Reality Or Mixed Reality To Xbox/Share. It will continue focusing on PC for VR and MR, not Xbox." IGN 6/15
  • "IBM's Privacy Chief Explores Trust and GDPR" WSJ Blogs 6/15
  • "Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet vs. Microsoft Surface Pro: 2-in-1 showdown" Windows Central 6/15
  • "Lenovo ThinkPad P52, now with up to 128GB of RAM" ZDNet 6/15
  • "HP Elite Slice review: Meet the sandwich-sized desktop replacement" IT PRO (UK) 6/15
  • "Alienware and Dell Gaming Introduce new Gaming Hardware (Desktop and Peripherals)" Guru3D 6/15
  • "Intel updates Kaby Lake G Radeon RX Vega M driver" Hexus 6/15
  • "Intel might launch an octa-core Coffee Lake processor in September" The Inquirer 6/15
  • "Intel Kaby Lake G Core i7-8705G review: Why Nvidia should be scared" PCWorld 6/15
  • "First Look at Intel's 10nm Cannon Lake CPU Die" WCCFTech 6/15
  • "Intel's Core i9 for laptops is great, but it's not a true Core i9" Digital Trends 6/15
  • "Intel Starts Producing XMM 7560 Modem Chips For Apple's iPhones" Tom's Hardware 6/15
  • "Intel CPUs Affected By Yet Another Speculative Execution Flaw" Tom's Hardware 6/15
General Interest
  • "Video Game Addiction Tries to Move From Basement to Doctor's Office" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 9:10 PM
  • "Google Translate Can't Provide Consent for a Police Search, Judge Rules" Gizmodo 6:20 PM
  • "Facebook will stop showing minors ads for gun accessories" The Verge 5:49 PM
  • "Amazon Tightens Grip on a New Medium: Live Streams of Video Games" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 5:46 PM
  • "Samsung Galaxy X Folding Flagship Phone Launch Could Come With Jaw-Dropping Price" HotHardware 5:42 PM
  • "Images of Samsung's cancelled 'Project V' foldable phone may have leaked" Android Authority 3:26 PM
  • "Samsung plans to go fully renewable for energy in US, China, Europe by 2020 - Video" ZDNet 6/16
  • "Google's VR180 Creator simplifies VR video editing: It lets you convert VR180 footage so you can edit it in Adobe Premiere." Engadget 6/15
  • "Verizon beats 'unlimited' into meaninglessness with third unlimited plan that still has limits" Android Police 6/15
  • "Google releases Mac, Linux app for converting VR180 into standardized editing format" 9to5Google 6/15
  • "Google is still very white and very male" Engadget 6/15
  • "Gmail proves that some people hate smart suggestions" TechCrunch 6/15
  • "Your Google Pixelbook Could Soon Run Windows 10" Tech Times 6/15
  • "Google's latest diversity report shows little has changed at the company" BetaNews 6/15
  • "Google's new ad settings will let you switch off adverts that know too much" ZDNet 6/15
  • "This new Android malware delivers banking trojan, keylogger and ransomware" ZDNet 6/15
  • "Facebook's latest Messenger update for iOS is making the app crash constantly" The Verge 6/15
  • "AT&T completes its acquisition of Time Warner" TechCrunch 6/15
  • "Adobe could be the next $10 billion software company" TechCrunch 6/15
  • "MIT researchers develop a smart power outlet that can prevent your house from burning down" VentureBeat 6/15
  • "Samsung launches premium Chromebook Plus V2" Hexus 6/15
  • "Samsung's Chromebook Plus V2 adds camera and swaps ARM for Intel" ZDNet 6/15
  • "Uber's unrelenting desire to be everything" TechCrunch 6/15
  • "You can get a lifetime of online privacy from VPN Unlimited" TechCrunch 6/15
  • "Jaguar Land Rover's new subscription service is UK-only for now" The Verge 6/15
  • "The OnePlus 6 is more than just a rebranded Oppo" The Verge 6/15
  • "Venmo is discontinuing web support for payments and more" TechCrunch 6/15
  • "Quantum entanglement on demand could lead to a super-secure internet" Engadget 6/15
  • "Why USB-C headphones aren't, and likely never will be, mainstream" The Verge 6/15
  • "Fitbit employees charged with possessing stolen Jawbone trade secrets" ZDNet 6/15
  • "Feds charged six current and former Fitbit employees for stealing trade secrets from Jawbone" The Verge 6/15
  • "Fitbit employees charged with stealing Jawbone trade secrets" TechCrunch 6/15
  • "You can now watch the World Cup in 4K HDR and it's gorgeous" The Verge 6/15
  • "NBC Sports brings World Cup streams to PlayStation 4" Engadget 6/15
  • "World Cup: access the hidden mini games in Facebook Messenger" BetaNews 6/15
  • "Instagram won't tell you when someone screenshots your Stories" Engadget 6/15
  • "'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' on PC is all about the customization" Engadget 6/15
  • "Anthem plays even smoother than Destiny, but BioWare's story will make or break it" PCWorld 6/15
  • "The best PC games of E3 2018" PCWorld 6/15
  • "Hands-on: 8BitDo refines its modern take on Nintendo-style retro controllers" PCWorld 6/15
  • "Former CEO and co-founder sues Telltale Games" The Verge 6/15
  • "Brazilian PC market continues to grow" ZDNet 6/15
  • "Channel Master Stream+ review: The ups and downs of an Android TV DVR" TechHive 6/15
  • "The best Netflix TV shows: There are many, but these are the most binge-worthy" TechHive 6/15
  • "AI is helping recruiters find the best talent, faster (VB Live)" VentureBeat 6/15
  • "Tainted, crypto-mining containers pulled from Docker Hub" TechCrunch 6/15
  • "You can get a lifetime of online privacy from VPN Unlimited" TechCrunch 6/15
  • "Union wins right to challenge Deliveroo on human rights grounds" TechCrunch 6/15
Press Releases
  • "IBM Acquires Oniqua, Strengthens Leading IoT Capabilities to Help Businesses Proactively Maintain Vital Assets" IBM 6/15
  • "Italian Core Banking Market Takes Major Leap Forward with Cabel and Oracle" PRNewswire 6/15
  • "Going up Against Amazon Go Could Boost Microsoft Corporation Stock" InvestorPlace Media 6/16
  • "Surface Studio finally gets the product placement it so much deserves" MSPoweruser 6/16
  • "This weekend, pick up a Microsoft Surface Pro for as low as $599 after $200 discount" phoneArena 6/16
  • "Xbox Begins Transition to Microsoft Rewards" Thurrott 6/16
  • "Microsoft is making progress to build a Quantum Computer" MSPoweruser 6/16
  • "How Darrell Gallagher plans to build Microsoft's The Initiative studio in Santa Monica" VentureBeat 6/16
  • "Best Windows 10 apps this week" BetaNews 6/15
  • "Microsoft's HoloLens 2 will reportedly use Qualcomm XR1 and cost less" VentureBeat 6/15
  • "Microsoft's Xbox Adaptive Controller is for everybody—literally" The Tech Report 6/15
  • "Windows 10: How Microsoft used AI to speed up its April 2018 Update roll out" ZDNet 6/15
  • "Microsoft Working On Shop Automation Tech To Rival Amazon Go" Silicon UK 6/15
  • "Microsoft Confirms New Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB4284835 Issue" Softpedia 6/15
  • "Microsoft Revolutionizes the Data Center...By Keeping Them Underwater" The Epoch Times 6/15
  • "How Xbox One finally won E3 – an interview with Microsoft Studios boss Matt Booty" Metro UK 6/15
  • "US details tariffs to hit $34b of Chinese goods, Beijing retaliates" ZDNet 9:10 PM
  • "Could The US Government's Move To The Commercial Cloud Stop Leaks And Breaches?" Forbes 9:07 PM
  • "Man goes to prison for attempting to hijack web domain at gunpoint" Engadget 9:07 PM
  • "Huawei pushes 5G cybersecurity with Australian government" ZDNet 5:51 PM
  • "Judge stays two Huawei patent infringement claims against Samsung due to recent Supreme Court SAS decision" Foss Patents 3:26 PM
  • "Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Reportedly Indicted on Wire Fraud" Gizmodo 6/15
  • "'Senior Adviser' to Silk Road Mastermind Extradited to US" PC Magazine 6/15
  • "Six current and former Fitbit employees indicted for criminal theft of trade secrets" Android Police 6/15
  • "Can Russian hackers be stopped? Here's why it might take 20 years" ZDNet 6/15
  • "AI startup Clarifai hacked by Russian source while part of Pentagon's Project Maven" VentureBeat 6/15
  • "How China's Alibaba Is Winning Over Hong Kong And Taiwan — Startup By Startup" Forbes 6:21 PM
  • "I'm raising my son with very limited technology — here's how I do it" Business Insider 5:51 PM
  • "How to View Recent Activity on a Child's Account in Windows 10" LAPTOP Magazine 1:04 PM
  • "Amazon won a major battle in Seattle, but a Big Tech 'head tax' could still happen for Apple and Google" Business Insider 11:50 AM
  • "Amazon Echo Look review and unboxing: What it's like to use this fashion-focused Alexa device" GeekWire 11:41 AM
  • "How to see exactly which Google Chrome tabs, websites, and extensions are slowing down your computer" Business Insider 11:38 AM
  • "Review: Amazon's Echo Spot is a cool device, but needs to do more with its screen" AppleInsider 11:37 AM
  • "Review of Windows 10 on ARM Asus NovaGo pretty damning" MSPoweruser 8:38 AM
  • "Chime in: Is Intel losing its relevancy in the Windows world?" Windows Central 8:37 AM
  • "Five Useful Features That Are On Their Way To The Chrome OS" Forbes 8:36 AM
  • "The big picture: Why people prefer messaging over Facebook for news" Axios 8:34 AM
  • "Why Won't Facebook Talk About How Often Its Algorithms Are Wrong?" Forbes 6/16
  • "Facebook's Android App Is Crashing And Users Are Complaining About It" Tech Times 6/16
  • "Google Translate's Offline Mode Just Got a Lot Better" Lifehacker 6/16
  • "Google Translate does not hold up well in a classroom or a courtroom" Digital Trends 6/16
  • "How Facebook is stepping up its plans to immediately gratify gamers" VentureBeat 6/16
  • "Slack says Goodbye to Windows Phone" MSPoweruser 6/16
  • "Microsoft's SwiftKey integration in Windows reveals the future of laptops" NewsBytes 6/16
  • "Google Pixelbook 2 could natively boot both Chrome OS and Windows 10" TrustedReviews 6/16
  • "Does Facebook's 'Is Facebook Good For the World' Poll Matter?" Forbes 6/16
  • "How To Get Microsoft Movie Maker On Windows 10" AddictiveTips 6/16
  • "Ask Engadget: Should I switch to a Chromebook?" Engadget 6/16
  • "Tip: Tell Google Assistant where you parked and it will add a pin to Maps" Android Police 6/16
  • "Why you should erase Alexa's memory (and how to do it)" CNET 6/16
  • "In nearly 500 pages of answers, Facebook stonewalls some senators' questions" Ars Technica 6/16
  • "Pixel 2 vs. OnePlus 6: Which Android phone is best?" CNET 6/16
  • "Android Go is the right way for Google to reach its 'next billion'" Android Central 6/16
  • "A complete 5G standard is finally here: Now companies will have to get their hardware and infrastructure up to speed." Engadget 6/15
  • "The 5G standard is finally finished with new standalone specification" The Verge 6/15
  • "R Tip: Save time with RStudio code snippets" InfoWorld 6/15
  • "Mary Meeker's annual valentine to Silicon Valley reminds us tech utopianism is alive and well" VentureBeat 6/15
  • "Cheq raises $5M for a proactive, AI-driven approach to safe ad placement" TechCrunch 6/15
  • "YC alum Modern Health, a startup focused on emotional wellbeing, gets $2.26M seed funding" TechCrunch 6/15
Tech Stocks
  • "Stock market under pressure as U.S.-China trade spat intensifies: Energy stocks fall, OPEC expected to boost output" MarketWatch 6/15
  • "Dow Falls as U.S. Imposes Tariffs on $50 Billion of Chinese Goods: Stocks tumble on Friday after the U.S. imposes tariffs on about $50 billion in imports from China." TheStreet 6/15
  • "Stocks pressured by potential trade war" FOXBusiness 6/15
  • "U.S. Stocks Slide as Trade Tensions Heat Up: Investors fear the Trump administration's tariffs on Chinese goods could spiral into a trade war" [Paid Membership Required] 6/15
  • "Asian markets mixed in wake of Trump's approval of tariffs on China: Asian stocks traded mixed Friday following wide declines the previous day as U.S.-China trade swipes continued to dominate trading." MarketWatch 6/15
  • "Euro sees worst day against buck in 2 years after ECB decision: but emphasized a more-cautious-than-predicted approach to rolling back its easy-money policies." MarketWatch 6/15

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InformationWeek (Checked 9:10 PM CDT; no changes since Friday)
  • "Self-taught Kaggle Champ: Engineering to Data Science to AI"
  • "3 Considerations When Implementing Digital Transformation"
New York Times (Updated 9:10 PM CDT)
  • "Mobile Apps Are Musts for Most Brands, as Long as Users Like Them"
  • "Video Game Addiction Tries to Move From Basement to Doctor's Office"
  • "Amazon Tightens Grip on a New Medium: Live Streams of Video Games"
  • "Central Bankers Will Debate Policy, and OPEC Meets on Output"
  • "Goodbye, Denver Post. Hello, Blockchain"
PC Magazine (Checked 9:10 PM; no changes since 8:45 AM CDT)
  • "Tesla Plays a Reckless Name Game With Autopilot"
Reuters (Updated 9:10 PM CDT)
  • "Exclusive: Mellanox nears truce with Starboard over board seats - sources"
  • "China's Huawei goes on offensive as exclusion from Australia 5G deal looms"
  • "The bigger Cryptocurrencies get, the worse they perform: BIS"
  • "Portugal app empowers disabled to win better access to buildings"
  • "Liberty customers have not suffered financial losses due to cyber attack: CEO"
  • "BIS wants tighter rules for funds offering credit, fintech"
ZDNet (Updated 9:10 PM CDT)
  • "Foxtel continues fight against pirates"
  • "US details tariffs to hit $34b of Chinese goods, Beijing retaliates"
  • "NSW to spend AU$10m on driverless car trials"
  • "Telstra set to deploy 2Gbps 4G this year"
  • "Lack of collaboration, disclosure affecting APAC security posture"
  • "Ten Gig Adelaide fibre network 'sold out'"
  • "PageUp confirms some data compromised in breach"
  • "Won't get fooled again: Gig economy second wave begins to break"

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