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Sunday, November 23, 2014
Checked 9:45 AM; Last Updated 8:05 AM CST; 14:05 GMT
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Tech Stocks

Computer Industry
  • "Black Friday Kicks Off Do-or-Die Period for These 3 Microsoft Products" Nasdaq 11/22
  • "From IBM to Google, the birth of company culture" USA Today 11/22
  • "EU Lawmakers Propose Breaking Up Google" PC Magazine 11/22
  • "Europe to call for 'break up' of Google in bid to end search monopoly" The Inquirer 11/22
  • "Microsoft's horrible, no good, very bad week of outages" Neowin 11/21
  • "Microsoft Azure failure explained: configuration changes sent systems into infinite loop" Computing 11/21
  • "Microsoft Refreshes Bing With Mobile and Map Updates" eWeek 11/21
  • "Microsoft releases another Cortana vs. Siri TV commercial in time for the holiday season" WinBeta 11/21
  • "Will Microsoft Stock React Today to This Analyst Action?" TheStreet 11/21
  • "Microsoft agrees a $30m deal with Real Madrid" BetaNews 11/21
  • "Google settles patent case with Microsoft, Apple consortium" Neowin 11/21
  • "Is Microsoft Stock a Buy After Its 70% Gain?" Money Morning 11/21
  • "Windows 10 NT kernel gets bumped from 6.4 to 10 in recent internal builds" WinBeta 11/21
  • "Stay in touch with Microsoft with the Windows Feedback and Insider Hub apps" TechRepublic 11/21
  • "CLSA downgrades Intel post-investor day; bulls upbeat about servers" Seeking Alpha 11/21
  • "Intel's data center group: Cloud, custom, networking to fuel growth" ZDNet 11/21
  • "Intel shares reach highest since 2001 on annual sales forecast" San Jose Mercury News [Free Registration Required] 11/21
  • "Intel's Mobile Future Seems On Track After Analyst Day: What Wall Street's Saying" TheStreet 11/21
  • "Intel plans 3D NAND flash next year for 'as much storage as you want'" PCWorld 11/21
  • "AMD reveals high-end 'Carrizo' APU, its first fully HSA-compliant chip" PCWorld 11/21
  • "​AMD's answer to NVIDIA G-Sync arrives on Samsung monitors in 2015" Engadget 11/21
  • "Will Oracle Stock React Today to This Analyst Action?" TheStreet 11/21
  • "Jefferies Initiates Coverage On Oracle" benzinga 11/21
  • "The rising importance of big data to big business" BetaNews 11/21
  • "Cloud-based software is a major revenue source for service providers" BetaNews 11/21
  • "In a cloud outage, no one can hear you scream" InfoWorld 11/21
General Interest
  • "Google Contributor lets you pay to remove ads from websites" V3 8:02 AM
  • "Whatever happens to Google Glass, it's been a boon to smart glasses" Mashable 11/22
  • "'Facebook at Work' looks to compete with Microsoft Office, others" Los Angeles Times 11/22
  • "Amazon Makes Up Ground On Netflix Streaming Traffic Ahead Of Its Free Video Service" Digital Trends 11/22
  • "Malicious Trojan now attacking password managers" Neowin 8:05 AM
  • "New malware targets password managers" GMA News 11/22
  • "Sony asked the public to redesign its logo in 1981. It didn't work out." The Verge 11/22
  • "GameStop Vs. Microsoft And Sony: The Battle Over Digital Delivery" The Inquisitr 11/22
  • "The Oral History Of The Poop Emoji (Or, How Google Brought Poop To America)" Fast Company 11/22
  • "Google Gets Into The Giving Spirit, Offers 1Tb Of Drive With Every Chromebook" Digital Trends 11/22
  • "Google's New Program Provides An Alternative To Ads On Websites" Seeking Alpha 11/22
  • "Half of All Americans Watched a Video From Google in October" 24/7 Wall St. 11/22
  • "Mobile recap: Nokia N1 tablet; Nexus 6 updated; Apple Watch apps" Gigaom 11/22
  • "Amazon's Next Venture? A Hotel Booking Service, Apparently...." Digital Trends 11/22
  • "European Critics Envision Google's 'Unbundling': Draft Resolution Headed for Debate Adds Pressure on Internet Giant, New EU Competition Chief" [Paid Membership Required] 11/21
  • "Google's internet balloons can stay aloft for 100 days" Engadget 11/21
  • "Google is giving away 1TB of free Drive space with new Chromebooks" Engadget 11/21
  • "Google Offers 1TB Of Drive Storage For Free With Chromebook Purchase" HotHardware 11/21
  • "Cyberwar is bullshit: As governments build stronger and smarter digital weapons, we're all collateral damage" The Verge 11/21
  • "Mozilla tells Google, it's not you (anymore), it's Yahoo" Computerworld 11/21
  • "Android 5.0 Lollipop encryption severely impacts performance" BetaNews 11/21
  • "Android Work takes shape as Google's BYOD Divide surfaces on Play" ZDNet 11/21
  • "Android Lollipop users warn of 'unusable' devices after upgrading" ZDNet 11/21
  • "Ads got you down? With Google Contributor you can pay to remove them" PCWorld 11/21
  • "Netflix Trounces Amazon in Streaming Race" PC Magazine 11/21
  • "Amazon Fire HD 6 review: great value for a $99 tablet" Engadget 11/21
  • "Amazon's AppStream can now stream any Windows application" ZDNet 11/21
  • "Amazon reportedly launching free, ad-supported video streaming service" Engadget 11/21
  • "Amazon Plans A Free, Ad-Supported Video Service, Says New Report" TechCrunch 11/21
  • "Little Suse wakes up, Linux shakes up" InfoWorld 11/21
  • "How to use an authenticator app to improve your online security" ZDNet 11/21
  • "Corning debuts Gorilla Glass 4 to save your smartphone" PCWorld 11/21
  • "Nintendo 3DS Finally Hacked After 3 Years On The Shelves" TechCrunch 11/21
  • "'Minority Report' vision tech — coming to a smartphone or store near you" VentureBeat 11/21
Press Releases
  • "IBM, Fluor and the University of South Carolina Team to Create Innovation Center: Public-private partnership will center on analytics and higher education solutions" PR Newswire 11/21
  • "Download Windows 8.1 Pro ISO File Legally Without Product Key" Redmond Pie 11/22
  • "Microsoft: Compared To Tim Cook And Marissa Mayer, We Are NOT Overpaying Our New CEO" Business Insider 11/22
  • "Why Windows 10 isn't version 6 any more and why it will probably work" Ars Technica 11/22
  • "Should You Buy a Kinect 2 Sensor for Your Xbox One?" GottaBeMobile 11/22
  • "Microsoft is bringing chat to its Word and PowerPoint web apps" The Verge 11/21
  • "Office Mobile for Android Gets Dropbox Support" NewsFactor 11/21
  • "HBO GO reaches the living room via Xbox One" BetaNews 11/21
  • "Microsoft says Office 365 helps companies stay compliant with laws and regulations" WinBeta 11/21
  • "Microsoft Lumia 535 set for launch in India on November 26th" WinBeta 11/21
  • "ISS says Microsoft's Nadella is paid too much" Computerworld 11/21
  • "Microsoft's open source .Net still can't match open source Java" InfoWorld 11/21
  • "Living with Microsoft Band, the activity tracker that tries to do everything" PCWorld 11/21
  • "Wunderlist gives its Windows and Windows Phone apps a refresh, with better performance and viewing options" The Next Web 11/21
  • "Microsoft Office Mobile for Android updated with Dropbox Support and OneDrive sharing" WinBeta 11/21
  • "Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 is on Time Magazine's list of 25 best inventions of 2014" WinBeta 11/21
  • "Microsoft Changes Windows Phone Developer Agreement, Takes Bigger Cut" UberGizmo 11/21
  • "Microsoft makes it less attractive for developers to create apps for Windows" WinBeta 11/21
  • "Sainsbury's releases three new official apps for Windows" Windows Central 11/21
  • "Windows Keyboard Shortcuts: The Ultimate Guide" Lifehacker 11/21
  • "Microsoft Store's Black Friday deals include game, console, accessory price drops" Polygon 11/21
  • "Microsoft adds Dropbox to Office Mobile for Android" TechCental 11/21
  • "Samsung asks the US government to block NVIDIA's chips" Engadget 11/22
  • "NSA Director Warns China Has Power to Kill U.S. Power Grid" eWeek 11/21
  • "European parliament may propose search services split in threat to Google" Reuters 11/21
  • "FCC Hoping Its Net Neutrality Rules Survive Inevitable Litigation" [Paid Membership Required] 11/21
  • "FCC Expects Cable Companies To Fight Back Over Net Neutrality" TechCrunch 11/21
  • "NSA chief admits China could cripple U.S. power grid, financial networks" ZDNet 11/21
  • "Singapore Will Introduce New Regulations For Taxi Booking Apps In 2015" TechCrunch 11/21
  • "Aereo CEO: Court Made Incredibly Wrong Decision, Cord-Cutting Is Inevitable" TechCrunch 11/21
  • "Aereo's video streaming fairy tale ends at Chapter 11" Engadget 11/21
  • "Aereo dream finally dies as company files for bankruptcy" VentureBeat 11/21
  • "Aereo files for bankruptcy after Supreme Court's killing blow" PCWorld 11/21
  • "Aereo Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy" TechCrunch 11/21
  • "Microsoft Asked, You Answered. Here's What Users Want Added To Windows 10" Digital Trends 8:01 AM
  • "Is It The Beginning Of The End For Cable Or Just A New Beginning?" TechCrunch 11/22
  • "Google's Nexus 6 Might Be Too Big For Right Now, But Right-Sized For The Future" TechCrunch 11/22
  • "Here Are Some New Details On The Sequel To The Hottest Android Phone Of The Year" Business Insider 11/22
  • "Why technology and content are inseparable at Netflix" Gigaom 11/22
  • "Why Vendor Commitment Is Important (or Death by Google Glass)" CIO 11/22
  • "5 simple ways to organize your Google Drive" Mashable 11/22
  • "3D talking map can help the blind find their way" Engadget 11/21
  • "Alienware Alpha is the next-gen console ready to take on PS4 and Xbox One" BetaNews 11/21
  • "These 5 smartwatch uses will make you stop loving your smartphone" VentureBeat 11/21
  • "Radical molecular flash memory could store massive amounts of data" PCWorld 11/21
  • "Plex's new Plex Home features beef up media management in your house" PCWorld 11/21
  • "Now A Father, Hot Or Not Founder Returns With Cakey, A YouTube App For Kids" TechCrunch 11/21
  • "IncuBus — The Tech Startup Incubator Based On A Double-Decker London Bus" TechCrunch 11/21
  • "Why The Cloud Isn't Going Anywhere" TechCrunch 11/21
  • "Investors Are Backing A Recruiting Revolution" TechCrunch 11/21
  • "A New App Called Milk Helps You Save On Groceries, Without Clipping Paper Coupons" TechCrunch 11/21
  • "Canadian middle-schoolers rank pretty high for computer literacy" Engadget 11/21
  • "Disruptive technology: Dead companies do tell tales" Computerworld 11/21
  • "Health care welcomes the cloud, as resistance crumbles" InfoWorld 11/21
  • "Uber bulldozes ethics, demolishes decency to pull ahead" InfoWorld 11/21
  • "Create stylish animated presentations with Notzy" BetaNews 11/21
  • "How the Internet of Things will change the world" BetaNews 11/21
  • "Samsung U28D590D: An affordable UHD 4K 28-inch monitor [Review] BetaNews 11/21
  • "Six Clicks: Best wearable gift purchases for this holiday season" ZDNet 11/21
  • "GE appoints former IBM, EMC execs to software leadership posts" ZDNet 11/21
  • "Are mobile apps destroying the openness of the web?" ZDNet 11/21
  • "Five winning strategies of successful CIOs" ZDNet 11/21
  • "FailCon comes to France to teach entrepreneurs how to, well, you know" VentureBeat 11/21
  • "Livefyre Studio Puts The Company's Focus On User Generated Content And Social Media Curation" TechCrunch 11/21
  • "Livefyre updates its social content platform with app-creating Studio" VentureBeat 11/21
  • "Photoshop for Chrome OS starts to take shape" VentureBeat 11/21
  • "MovieGlu Brings TV Guide-Style Listings To Movie Showtimes" TechCrunch 11/21
  • "Indian Music Startup Saavn Is Giving Away Its Pro Service To Snapdeal Shoppers On Android Devices" TechCrunch 11/21
  • "Prizm Plays Music You Like To Transform Your Living Room Into Your Favorite Coffee Shop" TechCrunch 11/21
  • "How to backup a Windows and Mac hard drive" ITProPortal 11/21
  • "Photo-Sharing App Memoir Snags $5.5 Million To Help You Recall The Past" TechCrunch 11/21
  • "Beddit gathers momentum for its non-wearable sleep monitor" VentureBeat 11/21
  • "Indoor Atlas uses magnetic variation to map the great indoors" VentureBeat 11/21
  • "Mozilla's 2013 annual report: Revenue up just 1% to $314M, and again 90% came from Google" VentureBeat 11/21
  • "Roost Smart Battery blows past its Kickstarter goal" PCWorld 11/21
  • "Dyson Invests $2.35B In R&D, Aims To Launch 100 New Products Over The Next Four Years" TechCrunch 11/21
  • "Assembly Raises $2.9M From USV For Its Community-Led Software Development Platform" TechCrunch 11/21
Tech Stocks
  • "Record Closes in Sight as 'Easy Money' Keeps Stocks in the Green" TheStreet 11/21
  • "Stocks Rally on China Rate Cut, Dovish Draghi" FOXBusiness 11/21
  • "U.S. Stocks Rise on China, Draghi: China Cuts Interest Rates; Draghi Says ECB Ready to Expand Stimulus" [Paid Membership Required] 11/21
  • "Japan stocks rise further as yen rebounds: Japan stocks rose further on Friday, with yen strengthening against the greenback after the country's finance minister expressed concerns about the currency's recent sharp drop." MarketWatch 11/21
  • "Europe Markets: European stocks enjoy China, Draghi economic-policy pop/Equities across Europe jumped Friday as central banks in China and Europe announced fresh measures to jump start their respective slumping economies." MarketWatch 11/21
  • "Final Glance: Computer companies/Computer companies shares mixed at the close of trading" Associated Press 11/21

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Bloomberg (Checked 8:30 AM CST; no changes since Saturday)
  • "Google Targeted as EU Weighs Call to Split Web-Search Sites"
  • "Telecom Italia Gets Board Backing to Explore Oi Deal in Brazil"
  • "BlackBerry Scores Free Ad as Obama Retrieves Smartphone"
  • "Aereo Seeks Bankruptcy After Losing Supreme Court Fight"
  • "Alibaba, Tencent Push for More China Copyright Protection"
  • "Tech Sector Has Muted Enthusiasm for Obama Immigration Plan"
  • "Apple Opens Mobile-Ads Service to Automated Partners"
  • "Telecom Italia Said to Seek Mandate to Explore Deal With Oi"
  • "Vodafone Says It Has No Knowledge of U.K. Spy Programs"
  • "Alibaba Sells $8 Billion of Bonds in Company's Debut Sale" ...
InformationWeek (Checked 8:30 AM CST; no changes since Saturday)
  • "Google Contributor: Pay To Block Ads"
  • "Geekend: Replacing the Turing Test"
  • "Cartoon: Your SLA Is A Turkey"
  • "Video: Tech Hygiene Bad Habits, 3D Stock Portfolios"
  • "Comcast App Lets Customers Track Service Techs"
  • "Microsoft Azure Outage: Questions Remain"
  • "Grumpy IT Guy Tries Out Gonzo Tech Journalism"
  • "Marketers Should Look Beyond Facebook, Twitter"
  • "Retired CIOs: 5 Rewarding Second Acts"
  • "Healthcare Interoperability: Who's The Tortoise?" ...
New York Times (Checked 8:30 AM CST; no changes since Saturday)
  • "At Spain's Door, a Welcome Mat for Entrepreneurs"
  • "Brewing Your Own Beer, With Help From an App"
  • "Settlement in Apple Case Over E-Books Is Approved"
  • "Aereo Concedes Defeat and Files for Bankruptcy"
  • "To Energize Sales, Nintendo Introduces Toys That Roam Virtual Realm"
  • "F.C.C. Chairman Says Agency Will Not Rush Net Neutrality Rules"
  • "Google Experimenting With Removing Ads for a Fee"
  • "Malicious Software Said to Spread on Android Phones"
  • "Google Play Store Opens to Chinese Developers"
  • "Facebook Shuttle Bus Drivers Vote to Unionize"
PC Magazine (Updated 8:30 AM CST)
  • "10 Must-Have Walmart Black Friday Tech Deals"
Reuters (Checked 8:30 AM CST; no changes since Saturday)
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