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Thursday, July 30, 2015
Checked 11:05 AM; Last Updated 10:55 AM CDT; 15:55 GMT
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InformationWeek (Updated 7:35 AM CDT)
  • "Google Translate App's Sign-Reading Capabilities Expanded"
  • "Windows 10: NYC Debut, Hands-On Demo" ...
New York Times (Updated 7:35 AM CDT)
  • "Interactive Graphic: How Many Times Has Your Personal Information Been Exposed to Hackers?"
  • "Meet Windows 10, a Throwback With Upgrades in Software and Security"
  • "Steep Discounts a Boon for Customers, but a Gamble for Start-Ups"
PC Magazine (Checked 7:35 AM CDT; no changes since Wednesday)
  • No new stories listed ...
Reuters (Updated 7:35 AM CDT)
  • "T-Mobile's quarterly revenue rises 14 percent"
  • "Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent post strong results as merger approaches"
  • "Sony books highest first-quarter profit since 2007 on strong sensor sales"
  • "Samsung Electronics cautious on second half; capital returns disappoint"
  • "Network gear maker Nokia posts surprise profit rise"
  • "China's Baidu to buy back $1 billion shares after investor selldown"
  • "Samsung Elec says second quarter Galaxy S6 sales below expectations"
ZDNet (Updated 7:35 AM CDT)
  • "Google reveals how it crams a neural network in your pocket with Translate"
  • "Customers with smartphone installment plans less satisfied, says J.D. Power"
  • "Stratasys cuts outlook; says easy growth over for 3D printing"
  • "Salesforce Ventures-backed marketing startup Autopilot raises another $7 million"
  • "Arbor Gladius: Ruggedized Windows 10 tablet for the worksite"
  • "​Cut the marketing nonsense: Will the real data scientist please stand up?"
  • "Growing Here and LG deal give Nokia a healthy-looking second quarter"
  • "Windows 10 laptops and tablets: Your upgrade guide"

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