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Saturday, August 27, 2016
Checked 10:05 AM; Last Updated 7:40 AM CDT; 12:40 GMT


General Interest
  • "John Ellenby dies at 75: I wouldn't normally be writing a column early on a Saturday morning but I just read that John Ellenby died and I think that's really worth mentioning because Ellenby changed all our lives and especially mine." I, Cringely 7:40 AM
  • "Privacy groups call foul on WhatsApp sharing data with Facebook" Engadget 7:39 AM
  • "Dropbox looking to bridge the platform gap for end users" ZDNet 8/26
  • "John Ellenby, Visionary Who Helped Create Early Laptop, Dies at 75" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 8/26
  • "Simple free app enables Android 7.0's hidden Night Mode" BGR 8/26
  • "No, software engineers aren't the highest paid employees in tech" CNET 8/26
  • "Facebook is removing humans from writing trending topics descriptions" The Daily Dot 8/26
  • "Facebook fires the humans writing Trending Topics headlines" Mashable 8/26
  • "OpenStreetView is a crowd-sourced Google Street View" BetaNews 8/26
  • "Google hires Airbnb executive to commercialize self-driving cars" ZDNet 8/26
  • "Google is nixing the Device Assist app for Nexus phones" PCWorld 8/26
  • "Now you can play Solitaire and more in Google search" PCWorld 8/26
  • "CrossOver will let you run Windows apps on Chromebooks" The Next Web 8/26
  • "Hacking the climate while using Android Nougat" The Verge 8/26
  • "Twitter is working on a keyword tool to combat harassment" Engadget 8/26
  • "Mozilla launches free website security scanning service" PCWorld 8/26
  • "Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg/Amazon Angers Mom-and-Pop Sellers With 'Arbitrary' Suspensions" Bloomberg 8/26
  • "Amazon to open bookstores in Chicago and Portland" Engadget 8/26
  • "Amazon will open physical bookstores in Chicago and Portland" The Verge 8/26
  • "Finally, Netflix admits it's nothing more than a North Korean knockoff" The Verge 8/26
  • "NBC comes to Sling TV, sort of" BetaNews 8/26
  • "Sprint offers 'Unlimited Freedom Premium' for heavy video users" Engadget 8/26
  • "Sprint now has an unlimited data plan that will only throttle you a little" The Verge 8/26
  • "Volkswagen's 2019 electric car said to get 300 miles on a 15-minute charge" TechCrunch 8/26
  • "Here's Baidu's new all-electric self-driving test car" TechCrunch 8/26
  • "Seagate Barracuda Pro 10TB hard drive review: Vast and amazingly fast (for a hard drive)" PCWorld 8/26
  • "Sony and Panasonic partner to sell 8K TVs by 2020" Engadget 8/26
  • "Nintendo celebrates indie gaming this September" Indie Research 8/26
  • "10 games to bring on your next trip" PCWorld 8/26
  • "GoDaddy users hit by clever phishing scam" BetaNews 8/26