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Sunday, June 25, 2017
Checked 1:50 AM; Last Updated 4:30 PM CDT; 21:30 GMT


General Interest
  • "Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 looks like it'll have the same huge flaw as the S8" Mashable 4:31 PM
  • "Samsung wants your fridge to be the command center for the connected home" VentureBeat 4:30 PM
  • "OneDrive updated with improved sharing capabilities on the Mac" MSPoweruser 3:19 PM
  • "Google Will Now Remove Your Private Medical Records From Search Results" Digital Trends 3:14 PM
  • "Google Home and Assistant gets French Canadian language support" Canadian Reviewer 11:02 AM
  • "Yahoo Shutters That $30 Million App It Bought From a Teen" Gizmodo 6/23
  • "Sheryl Sandberg: Tools like Facebook 'used for evil and good'" BBC 6/23
  • "Local businesses can now post on Google with Posts on Google" TechCrunch 6/23
  • "Google Will No Longer Scan Gmail for Ad Targeting" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 6/23
  • "Google will stop scanning Gmail content for ad targeting" ZDNet 6/23
  • "Google now has all the data it needs, will stop scanning Gmail inboxes for ad personalization" TechCrunch 6/23
  • "Google Classroom Could Bridge a Gap in Online Learning" PC Magazine 6/23
  • "Google begins removing personal medical records from search results" The Verge 6/23
  • "Google now removes medical records from search results" ZDNet 6/23
  • "Google-run contest will pay out $1.5m for AI that spots weapons at airports" ZDNet 6/23
  • "Google: Our new VR180 format, cameras will make shooting VR video easier" ZDNet 6/23
  • "Beware this Android banking malware posing as a software update" ZDNet 6/23
  • "6 things YouTube announced at VidCon 2017" VentureBeat 6/23
  • "YouTube TV expands to 10 more U.S. markets, adds more YouTube Red series" TechCrunch 6/23
  • "YouTube's mobile app will soon better display all video formats, add messaging" TechCrunch 6/23
  • "Amazon's idea for a massive drone dock looks like a cross between a beehive and a spaceship" Recode 6/23
  • "Amazon to charge advertisers $2.8 million for Thursday night NFL ad packages" VentureBeat 6/23
  • "Amazon's vision for the future: delivery drone beehives in every city" The Verge 6/23
  • "Amazon Dash Buttons are smarter than you think" ZDNet 6/23
  • "Facebook launches program to combat hate speech and terrorist propaganda in the UK" The Verge 6/23
  • "Facebook expands its hate-fighting counterspeech initiative in Europe" TechCrunch 6/23
  • "Facebook launches UK initiative to counter online extremist material" Reuters 6/23
  • "Axel Springer hopeful Facebook will make news pay" Reuters 6/23
  • "Tesla in Talks to Build Cars in China" PC Magazine 6/23
  • "Samsung Galaxy Note8 launches late September for nearly €1,000" VentureBeat 6/23
  • "Nintendo's 3DS isn't dead, but it is trapped in the Switch's shadow: View" Engadget 6/23
  • "Pokemon Go Cheats Will Catch Pokemon With Behavior Problems" PC Magazine 6/23
  • "Nissan, eyeing fully self-driving cars, offers a glimpse of its new semi-autonomous Leaf" The Verge 6/23