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Sunday, May 3, 2015
Checked 11:55 PM; Last Updated 7:40 PM CDT; 00:40 GMT


General Interest
  • "Sony makes it easier to put new operating systems on its phones" Engadget 7:38 PM
  • "Jilted Crowdfunders Are Demanding More Than Unfulfilled Pledges" Gizmodo 3:52 PM
  • "Twitter's Streaming App Creates Piracy of Year's Biggest Fight" Bloomberg 1:20 PM
  • "Samsung S6/S6 Edge memory bug" ZDNet 1:20 PM
  • "Samsung Reclaims the Title of World's Largest Smartphone Vendor, but the News Isn't All Good" The Motley Fool 11:28 AM
  • "The New York Times Will Hit One Million Digital Subscribers Soon. But Does It Matter?" Re/code 8:42 AM
  • "How Selerity reported Twitter's earnings—before Twitter did" Ars Technica 7:14 AM
  • "Sony is reportedly experiencing a massive shortage of its IMX214 camera units" Neowin 7:17 AM
  • "Can Sony return to trend-setter after becoming lumbering giant of electronics?" The National 7:12 AM
  • "Dave Goldberg, Head of Web Survey Company and Half of a Silicon Valley Power Couple, Dies at 47" New York Times [Free/Paid Registration Required] 5/2
  • "Silicon Valley's Dave Goldberg dies" BBC 5/2
  • "Beloved Silicon Valley Entrepreneur David Goldberg Dies Suddenly" Re/code 5/2
  • "Instagram CEO: 'I'm dangerous enough to code and sociable enough to sell our company'" Business Insider 5/2
  • "Leanflix tells you what's streaming across nearly every site" The Daily Dot 5/2
  • "Fedora 22 Beta Released for the ARM64 and PowerPC Platforms" Softpedia 5/2
  • "7 Years After Suing To Crush EPB's Municipal Fiber Rollout, Comcast Brings 2Gbps Internet To Chattanooga" HotHardware 5/1
  • "Amazon Web Services test driving Tesla batteries in data centers" ZDNet 5/1
  • "Google updates Password Alert to block attack that mutes phishing warnings" ZDNet 5/1
  • "Google doubled lobbying spending in Europe for 2014 but failed to derail antitrust case" VentureBeat 5/1
  • "Android's 'OK Google' voice controls now let you Shazam a song, start your car, and more" PCWorld 5/1
  • "Amazon Instant Video's iOS users can stream in HD and use mobile data" Engadget 5/1
  • "Meerkat one-ups Twitter's Periscope by launching its live video-streaming app for Android" VentureBeat 5/1
  • "Meerkat for Android beta pops up in Play Store" PCWorld 5/1
  • "Facebook will give you control the data you're sharing with apps and websites" PCWorld 5/1
  • "Reddit's premium 'Gold' subscribers can now customize the whole site with themes" VentureBeat 5/1
  • "Mozilla strong-arming websites to drop HTTP" BetaNews 5/1
  • "New Firefox features will eventually be limited to secure websites only" PCWorld 5/1
  • "The one killer app that could make us all want a smartwatch" ZDNet 5/1
  • "AT&T buys Nextel Mexico to create 'North American Mobile Service area'" Engadget 5/1
  • "Verizon warns unlimited data FiOS customer for using too much data" The Verge 5/1
  • "Will Tesla's Newest Battery Pan Out? Rivals abound but key challenge will be driving down price of home battery packs" [Paid Membership Required] 5/1
  • "Tesla announces commercial and home battery systems" Computerworld 5/1
  • "Telsa Powerwall is a big rechargeable home battery with benefits" PCWorld 5/1
  • "Tinder Sees Huge Jump In App Revenue Rankings, Courtesy Of Tinder Plus" TechCrunch 5/1