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Monday, January 16, 2017
Checked 4:35 AM; Last Updated 3:50 PM CST; 21:50 GMT


Computer Industry
  • "Intel believes 5G wireless could reach far beyond smartphones to smart things" VentureBeat 11:14 AM
  • "E-waste rising dangerously in Asia: UN study" AFP Relax News 7:11 AM
  • "Gadget mountain rising in Asia threatens health, environment" Associated Press 7:11 AM
  • "FCC Chairman warns Republicans against net neutrality repeal" CNET 8:17 AM
  • "Technology can't replace the human touch" TechCrunch 8:03 AM
  • "Microsoft HoloLens Is Winning The Reality Wars" Forbes 1/14
  • "Microsoft Confirms Windows 10 Game Mode Performance Gains, Xbox One Beam Streaming How-To" HotHardware 1/14
  • "Microsoft Admits Windows 10 Has A Serious Problem" Forbes 1/14
  • "Will Intel Raise Its Dividend in 2017? The chipmaker has done a good job of increasing its dividends over time, but will it keep doing so this year?" The Motley Fool 1/14
  • "Many Intel-based PCs Could Be Hacked Via USB 3.0, Debugging Interface" Digital Trends 1/14
  • "Amazon wants government permission to run mystery wireless tests in rural Washington" Business Insider 1/14
  • "For these Microsoft workers charged with verifying images of child porn, the strain is too much" Quartz 1/13
  • "Microsoft staff sue over being force to watch smut" TechEye 1/13
  • "Microsoft slates end to security bulletins in February: Plans to replace detailed descriptions with online database; promises no cutbacks in information" Computerworld 1/13
  • "Microsoft details tweaks to its Windows 7, 8.1 patch rollups" ZDNet 1/13
  • "Microsoft acquires Maluuba, a startup focused on general artificial intelligence" TechCrunch 1/13
  • "Microsoft affirms commitment to AI with acquisition of deep learning startup Maluuba" The Next Web 1/13
  • "Microsoft Acquires Maluuba for AI-Enabled 'Literate Machines'" eWeek 1/13
  • "Microsoft acquires artificial general intelligence startup Maluuba" Seeking Alpha 1/13
  • "Microsoft just bought an AI startup that can outperform Facebook and Google" The Verge 1/13
  • "Microsoft avoids Swiss legal battle with Windows 10 changes" The Stack 1/13
  • "Microsoft's new Windows 10 Game Mode will maximize gaming performance" The Verge 1/13
  • "The next Windows 10 update should make PC gaming better than ever" BGR 1/13
  • "US Government probe of HP's $11bn Autonomy deal could look at fresh targets" Cambridge News 1/13
  • "IBM Watson Commerce Adopted by Ernes to Boost Profitability" Zacks 1/13
  • "IBM Watson Commerce Adopted by Ernes to Boost Profitability" Zacks 1/13
  • "IBM Watson and FDA to explore blockchain for secure patient data exchange" TechCentral 1/13
  • "Will Earnings Squash Bull Market in IBM?" TheStreet 1/13
  • "Is Intel's HERE Investment a Jab at Alphabet?" Market Realist 1/13
  • "AMD's Ryzen CPU sort of gets a release date" ExtremeTech 1/13
  • "AMD's Ryzen CPU To Compete With Nvidia GTX 1080" TechFrag 1/13
  • "AMD Ryzen 2017 CPU line-up, specs, price point set for February big reveal; Quad-core versions threat to Intel" Yibada 1/13
  • "Dell kill their long-awaited 4K OLED monitor because of technical difficulties" PCGamesN 1/13
  • "Cisco: A Cloud Strategy for a Multicloud World" DABCC 1/13
  • "PC sales fall again despite new models and form factors: Gartner and IDC data paint similar picture" V3 1/13